12 ideas how to make homemade martenits

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12 ideas how to make homemade martenits
12 ideas how to make homemade martenits

If we want to give relatives and friends handmade martenitsi I will please you with the news that it is not too late. And I'm going to share with you some really easy ways to make martenits.

Martenitsi - bracelets. - These are the most popular in recent years and the most liked. Especially from children. They make their sleeves out of martens. So it's good to do that kind of thing. You just need to buy yarn and beads or some figurines. Cut the yarn and string the beads. In one night you can make at least 100, so if you need quantity, these are your martens.

Hanging boots. – the most traditional martenits, but also not so preferred. During the month of March, you will notice that very few people have a March pin on their coat or jacket lapel. They require more effort, more time, and if you don't have the opportunity for mass production, it's good to give them as gifts only to connoisseurs of traditionalists.

You can do

traditional Pijo and Penda

tassels or pompoms

felt boots – These are easy to make if you have flower or heart dies ready. It remains only to glue them together and put a hanger. If you only have a piece of felt, it will be a little slower and not as perfect as the factory one, but the charm of imperfection and uniqueness of handmade things is back.

round martenits. Some time ago we cut out cardboard in the shape of rings and wrapped them with yarn, with the entry of plastic bottles into mass production, we just need to collect rings from the necks of the bottles.


Home Boots

More and more people prefer to put a martenichka on their hand for he alth and decorate their home in white and red. You can make martenitsi:

Martenits - pencils - You wrap real pencils or pens in white and red, add beads and here are ready martenits for writing people. There are really few left, but you can give them to students and teachers.

Martenitsi - vases. You take suitable bottles, vases or boxes and glue them with white and red threads. You can put spring flowers in the vases, and spices or whatever is useful in the boxes.

Martenitsi-trees. For decoration, you can decorate branches with white and red flowers - from paper, yarn, felt or beads.

Martenitsi-figurines You can make storks - harbingers of spring. You need a ball of paper, wire and of course white and red yarn. From the ball of paper and the wire, you construct the body of the stork, glue it with threads and the figurine is ready. Of course you can make other figurines, depending on what your favorite objects or animals are.

Puppy Boots – We've talked about these fluffy little guys before. The good thing is that they can bend in all directions and come in fresh and rich colors. Here again the leading colors are white and red – you can again make storks or different flowers. However, you can use the other colors too - orange crocuses, yellow tulips, blue doves, etc. just tie them with a martenette and a safety pin.

Martenitsi - for wall hanging. Or at a location of your choice.

Martenitsi-pajhinka They are easily made by assembling 3 or 4 wooden skewers in a cross. Tie them in the middle and start wrapping so that the entire space is covered. Depending on the size of the sticks and the thickness of the yarn, you can make mini cobwebs for a coat lapel and huge ones to hang on a wall.

S alt dough martenitsi I have already shared how to make them. Here I will just encourage those who will say "Oh, it will take a lot of time" that a few hours on Saturday and Sunday will be quite enough for you. And if you have helpers, it will be even faster. Kneading and baking will take you about 2 hours, and while they are baking you can do something else. Then, for a break from cleaning, for example, you can paint them with white paint and in the evening with red. The next day you varnish and in the evening you tie the white and red horses.

One dose makes about 50 martenits – it depends on how big your molds are. This is a good amount to have for teachers, relatives, girlfriends, colleagues and children… If you don't make them into brooches, they are best used to hang somewhere in the home or office.

And finally I would forget the martenits that are always liked - the delicious martenits that everyone would love. Pancakes with cream and jam, pizza with lutenitsa and cheese and whatever else your imagination gives birth to in festive colors.

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