The benefits of consuming orange peels

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The benefits of consuming orange peels
The benefits of consuming orange peels

Oranges are a very useful fruit. They are rich in vitamins and useful substances. The same goes for the orange peel that we all throw away. However, it contains much larger amounts of nutrients that deserve our attention.

What are the amazing benefits of eating orange peels?

Reduce cholesterol and blood pressure

The orange peel and the white pulp underneath, as well as of course the core of the fruit, are extremely rich in hesperidins. It is a flavonoid with multiple he alth benefits, including lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.


This is why hesperidin is an active ingredient in some medications and dietary supplements to control cholesterol and blood pressure.

Anti-allergic effect

Orange peels contain natural anti-allergic substances that suppress the release of histamine. This substance triggers an immune response to an allergen. Consumption of the orange peel and white pulp helps suppress allergic reactions and symptoms.

They have anti-inflammatory properties

Biochemicals in orange peels have similar properties to the anti-inflammatory substance indomethacin, research suggests. That's why you can consume orange peels instead of taking anti-inflammatory pills with unpleasant side effects.

Improve oral he alth

Chewing orange peels removes dental plaque. The antioxidants in the peels penetrate the gums and suppress the growth of disease-causing microorganisms. This protects the oral cavity from various diseases.

Boost the immune system

Oranges are very rich in vitamin C. It increases the immune defense of the body. The concentration of the useful vitamin is much greater in the skin of the fruit.


They have anti-cancer properties

According to research published in the journal BioMed Research International, orange peels contain a very wide range of beneficial substances with proven pharmacological action. They increase the protective powers of cells and suppress the possibility of division of malignant cells. This is strong evidence of the beneficial effect of orange peels.

The report cited by also states that polymethoxyflavones in orange peels inhibit carcinogenesis through mechanisms to block the metastasis and mobility of cancer cells in the circulatory system. This also prevents the recurrence of tumors after successful treatment.

Improve the function of the digestive system

Orange peels contain a lot of concentrated fiber and insoluble polysaccharides, which support the function of the digestive system and stimulate peristalsis of the intestines.

Helps lose weight

Orange peels are low in calories. Their consumption helps to lose weight, as they satiate, but do not load the body with excess calories. The fibers in them also contribute to speeding up the metabolism.

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