3 food groups that lower good immunity

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3 food groups that lower good immunity
3 food groups that lower good immunity

One of the things that is important to consider during a pandemic is the state of our immune system. Its correct and optimal functioning is of great importance if we want to maintain our he alth and protect ourselves from viral and bacterial infections.

Food is the engine of our organism. It is of primary importance for the state of our immune system, because from food come all the essential substances that the immune system works with to function properly. That is why it is important to eat quality, varied and he althy food.

However, there are 3 groups of foods and drinks that not only do not contribute to our good he alth, but also reduce immunity, interfering with the normal functions of the immune system. Who are they?

Fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks are very saturated with sugars. Sugars bring nothing but excess empty calories and increased tissue inflammation. In this way, instead of helping your immune system, you make it fight tissue inflammation, thus reducing its effectiveness against real "invaders" from the outside environment, such as viruses, bacteria and microbes.

Probiotics that are most important for the immune system


Alcohol should be added to the list of the most harmful things for the immune system. Regular consumption of alcohol, even in small quantities, can contribute to the reduction of immunity and the body's ability to adequately fight infections and attacks by external pathogens. This makes you more susceptible to complications in the event of a viral infection and its more severe course. Recovery is also extended.

Frozen and prepared foods

Frozen, prepared and semi-prepared foods are an easy option for dinner when we don't have time to cook, but they are definitely not a he althy option. They contain a large amount of s alt, sugar, saturated fat, refined carbohydrates, a bunch of enhancers and preservatives, which together reduce immunity, interfering with the normal functions of the immune system. To be able to maintain your he alth and good immunity, avoid such foods. Emphasize home-cooked meals from he althy, whole, and varied products.

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