Overdoing these he althy foods can cause he alth problems

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Overdoing these he althy foods can cause he alth problems
Overdoing these he althy foods can cause he alth problems

When we strive to improve our he alth and lose weight, we usually rely on he althy foods with proven benefits for the body. They contain a rich palette of substances that improve individual functions in the body and help us get rid of excess weight.

As with everything though, quantity always matters. If you have focused on certain foods because you know they are rich in valuable substances and you consume them in large quantities, this may turn out to be a less he althy choice. When we overeat a certain food, even if it is the he althiest of all, it can cause a number of he alth problems.

What are the he althy foods that should not be overdone?

Soy can make bones brittle and weak

Soy is preferred by many vegetarians and vegans because it contains proteins and compounds that are great substitutes for meat and provide the body with valuable substances. However, a 2008 study published in Inflammopharmacology found that isoflavones in soy in large quantities and with frequent consumption can cause cardiovascular disease and impaired absorption of calcium. This affects bone strength and density.

Too many crucifers can mess up a bunch of things

Cruciferous vegetables are a large group that includes broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, Swiss chard, cabbage, turnips, Brussels sprouts, arugula, and many others. They are incredibly useful because of the fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and essential minerals in their composition, such as selenium, calcium, phytochemicals. They are low in calories, which is why many people focus on them in their efforts to lose weight.

If you eat too many cruciferous vegetables too often, however, it can make it difficult for your thyroid gland to properly absorb the iodine from food it needs to make thyroid hormones.

Large amounts of cruciferous vegetables can also increase uric acid in some people, putting them at risk of developing or worsening gout, says he althdigest.com.

Tea can also cause problems

Different types of tea are rich in antioxidants and valuable minerals that have anti-inflammatory properties. A cup of tea a day can reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

However, overdoing tea may not be so harmless and cause teeth staining, for example.

Almonds can cause mineral deficiencies

Almonds are incredibly useful nuts that are extremely rich in fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, manganese, copper, vitamin B2, phosphorus. However, eating too many almonds on a daily basis can interfere with the absorption of iron, zinc and calcium from food, leading to deficiencies, according to He althline.

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