6 Ways Emotions Harm Our He alth

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6 Ways Emotions Harm Our He alth
6 Ways Emotions Harm Our He alth

We know stress is bad for us. But do we make an effort to resist it? Every day we experience different types of emotions Some are positive, others carry a negative mood. There are those that accumulate over time and not only prevent us from reinventing ourselves, but also seriously harm our he alth. Or to put it briefly – emotions can have a destructive effect on our he alth. Here's how.

Fear breeds allergies

According to scientists, the occurrence of some common allergic conditions can be related to mental he alth. Eczema, high fever and asthma… You may suffer from allergies for years, but the allergen is still unknown. Our inner fears, it turns out, can unlock these states.

Obsession can cause weight problems

There are few people who are completely satisfied with the way they look. For those who suffer from excess weight, their concerns are related to the flaws in their figure. Unfortunately, they don't even suspect that these emotions are making the problem worse. Worrying, obsessing that our breasts are not big and beautiful enough, that new wrinkles have appeared, that you have body parts that you don't like, can also negatively affect our weight.

Fears and obsessions can cause symptoms of many different diseases at the same time

How often with a certain type of ailment have you thought you had a serious illness that led to a fatal outcome? Your thoughts are focused on the ailments, and they are so close to the symptoms suggestive of the diseases. Obsessing and fixating on thinking that you are seriously ill can make our ailments seem more real, when in fact we are not seriously ill at all.

Negative emotions and stress can provoke digestive disorders

Bloating, gas, nausea, stomach upset… These are just some of the digestive ailments that can occur as a result of daily stress.

Self-criticism and fears can cause headaches and migraines

Low self-esteem, inner fears that oppress you… It's time to change this setting, because otherwise, headaches will be a frequent occurrence.

Depression and anxiety can provoke heart disease

Did you know that recurrent depression and anxiety increase the risk of coronary heart disease? That is why it is important to control negative emotions as much as possible. Otherwise, you are putting your heart he alth at risk. Remember that stress also increases the risk of stroke.

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