The wonderful tale of crime and punishment

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The wonderful tale of crime and punishment
The wonderful tale of crime and punishment

We have a new meeting with the great American writer, artist, pacifist and man Kurt Vonnegut! " Accurate Aim" is a provocative, chillingly satirical novel whose focus is the death of innocence. In typical Vonnegut fashion, here we are faced with a series of horrors - a double murder, a fatal dose of radioactivity, beheading and the destruction of a city with a neutron bomb. And as Rudy W altz, nicknamed the Sharpshooter, searches for happiness and forgiveness, the reader realizes that he has fallen into the strange tale of crime and punishment from which the mind cannot escape.

The author of "Slaughterhouse 5" and "Breakfast of Champions" is known for his unconventional sense of humor, irony and self-deprecation, as well as his original creative style. His books combine real experiences with elements of the grotesque, dystopia and science fiction - this is due to their fascination and powerful satirical effect. In 2012, the Bulgarian reader also got acquainted with the clever collection "While Mere Men Sleep" - sixteen short stories by Vonnegut, each of which represents a sparkling piece of wisdom.

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The Pointer is a novel that could only have been written by Vonnegut: provocative, strange, thought-provoking. Rudy W altz got his nickname through unfortunate circumstances when a mere 12-year-old unintentionally killed a woman, but the story actually begins long before Rudy was even born. His father, a novice artist, talented only in the eyes of his wife, goes to study in Europe after his lack of talent prevents him from entering an art academy. So he ended up in Austria, where the same lack was once again an obstacle to his studies, but instead he befriended another failed artist, who would later become the chancellor of the Third Reich. The story of Rudy the Marksman and his family is so unconventional that it could only have originated in an equally unconventional but creatively prolific mind like Vonnegut's.

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Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007) was an American writer, novelist and satirist who also appeared in the field of visual arts. He was born in Indianapolis. He was a student at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York from 1941 to 1943, where he wrote a regular column for the student newspaper. He was engaged in journalism before entering the ranks of the US Army, which took part in World War II. The writer was a living witness of the bombing of the German city of Dresden in 1945 (with over 60,000 casu alties), where he was a prisoner of war. This became the reason for writing one of his bestsellers "Slaughterhouse 5".

Kurt Vonnegut is famous for his original creative style and frequent profane play with words, context, and even drawings in his books (eg Breakfast for Champions). His language is at a level accessible to all social classes, while being incredibly engaging and non-clichéd, earning him the term "Vonnegutism." Vonnegut integrated science fiction elements such as time travel into his works, and many of his characters appear episodically or permanently in various of his works.


To the unborn, to all the innocent specks of faceless nothingness: Be alert for signs of life!

I got infected by life. I got it. Until then, I was a speck of dust from the faceless non-being, and here, most unexpectedly, a small window opened. Light and sounds streamed. Voices began to describe me and my surroundings. Not a word of what they said was open to doubt.

They said I was a boy named Rudolph W altz, so it was.

They said the year was 1932, so it was. They said I was in Midland City, Ohio, so I was.

They didn't shut up. Year after year they accumulated detail after detail. Until today. And you know what they say now? They say the year is 1982 and I'm fifty.


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