How to protect the enamel of your teeth

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How to protect the enamel of your teeth
How to protect the enamel of your teeth

Enamel is the outer hard shell of the teeth. It is white in color and has a shiny texture. Its purpose is to protect the teeth from injuries, mechanical abrasion, and the entry of bacteria into the tooth tissue. Very often, when it happens that your teeth hurt when consuming cold or hot foods and drinks, this sensitivity actually comes from the enamel. It happens because there may be microscopic holes or cracks in it through which heat or cold enters and causes pain.

Over time, enamel wears away, but poor oral habits can contribute to this. Friction, stress, corrosion, careless chewing of hard foods are just some of the things that cause tooth enamel to wear down, according to WebMD.

Consumption of certain foods and drinks with high acidity also causes enamel damage. These are coffee, wine, soda, citrus fruits, tomatoes, chocolate and other acidic foods contribute significantly to the wear, cracking and damage of enamel.

How to protect enamel from damage?

If you can't give up your favorite acidic drinks, like fruit juices, try to drink them mostly through a straw. This way you reduce the probability of contact between them and the enamel.

It is also recommended to reduce the consumption of sugars and sugary desserts. Sugar increases acidity throughout the body, creating conditions for enamel damage.

Excessive tooth brushing can also damage the enamel. Many people make the mistake of brushing too long and too aggressively in their efforts to brush their teeth well. This causes mechanical damage and wear to the enamel, which puts the teeth at risk. Mechanical damage to the enamel occurs mostly when using the wrong brush, as well as when you apply too much pressure. If your brush bristles are bending, it's a sign that you're applying too much pressure. This doesn't actually clean your teeth better, but rather damages them as well as your gums.

The brushing technique is also important. Dentists advise to avoid pressing hard and only rotate the brush in a circle. One of the most suitable tooth brushing techniques, which is gentle on the enamel and at the same time reduces the accumulation of tartar, is to rotate the brush from the bottom up along the length of the tooth - from the base to the tip of its crown.

The choice of toothpaste is also very important. Choose one that strengthens tooth enamel and is specially formulated to strengthen it and protect it from further damage. Fluoride is one of the elements that strengthens and builds enamel. It contributes to the prevention of caries.

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