We cook with cheese

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We cook with cheese
We cook with cheese


Cheese – this valuable food, also known to the ancient peoples, enriches and diversifies the table of millions of people around the world. There is almost no national cuisine in which cheese is not used, because it is both delicious, useful and he althy It is a concentrated source of many nutritional ingredients – proteins, fats, mineral s alts and vitamins.

Like any food, cheese also needs to be served appropriately. Inappropriate cutting of some types of cheese can deprive connoisseurs of the pleasure of their taste. The way we serve it, its successful combination with other dishes and drinks - all this is important and can change things, so that cheese ceases to be only an addition to sandwiches, but becomes a sought-after and desired ingredient for numerous meals and receptions.

In recent years, more and more new types of cheeses have appeared on the Bulgarian market - imported from Italy, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Austria and France, which satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes. The variety of cheeses offered is so great that consumers find it difficult to navigate which one they can use for what. In fact, a large section of culinary art is devoted to how to use cheese, how to cut it, in what way and with what wines to serve it. Teodora Pencheva has decided to introduce us to all these subtleties, as well as many other useful and interesting things, in the first book for the Bulgarian market dedicated to cheese.

In addition to the rich recipe book of over 600 dishes, the book "Cooking with cheese" will be useful to every cheese lover with its numerous practical tips, culinary ideas and temptations.

Pages: 344

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