Interesting uses for tennis balls at home

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Interesting uses for tennis balls at home
Interesting uses for tennis balls at home

Tennis balls are much more than their original purpose - the game of tennis. You'll be surprised how many other things in your home and everyday life you can use them for. If you keep a few tennis balls always on hand, you will be able to find amazing uses for them at home, and also make your life easier.

These little fluorescent balls can be so much more than fun – they can be your new best helpers at home. With their help, you can clean your home, wash and dry your clothes, remove scratches from the floor, protect your walls and doors from damage and many more uses.

What else can you use tennis balls for?

In the clothes dryer

Wrap two tennis balls in aluminum foil and put them in the dryer with the laundry. The static electricity that is created by wrapping the ball with the foil speeds up the drying process of the clothes, making them fluffier at the same time.

As a door stopper

If you're tired of slamming the door into the wall when opening it, damaging the paint or latex as well as the door itself, make your own tennis ball door stoppers. Simply stick it to the wall or mount it on a mechanism designed for the purpose.

Anti-scratch parquet and laminate

If you have furniture at home that you move often, it leaves scratches on the wooden floors, on the laminate, sometimes even on the tiles. To protect the floor from scratches, place a tennis ball under the legs of these pieces of furniture. If the color bothers you, simply paint the ball a color of your choice to make it less visible.

To scratch your back

If you need a massage in hard-to-reach places, tennis balls can help. Fill a cotton sock with a few tennis balls and move it across your back. The balls will massage your back pleasantly in places you can't reach.

Instead of padlock protector

Padlocks that are used in the garden, garage or anywhere outdoors rust faster due to moisture and weather conditions. To protect your padlocks, hollow out a tennis ball, hollowing it out enough to fit the padlock through. And you're done - you have a padlock protector.

To open jars

Jars are sometimes very difficult to open. Your hands hurt after squeezing and twisting, often unsuccessfully. The inside of the tennis ball is rubber. If you cut a ball into the shape of a jar cap, it will make it easier to wrap around the cap, squeeze effortlessly, and open it. The outer fluffy shell of the ball will help the hands not slip, and the inner rubber material will not slip on the cap.

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