10 alternative uses for the dish sponge

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10 alternative uses for the dish sponge
10 alternative uses for the dish sponge

Every home has at least one sponge for washing dishes. Even if you have a dishwasher, the sponge is always there if there is a need for scrubbing or additional washing of the dishes. If you haven't thought about what else you can use household mushrooms for, we're going to give you some great ideas that will make your life easier.

What to use household mushrooms for?

Here are 10 alternative and very useful tricks.

1. Like a cold compress

When you hit yourself somewhere on the body, the first important thing is to apply a cold compress to prevent a bump or a sore. If you don't have a special medical compress at home, you would probably use ice cubes. However, they are not particularly comfortable. You can use a dish sponge. Water it with water. Put it in a ziplock plastic bag. Freeze overnight. Thus, the sponge can be applied to injuries along with the bag so that water does not drip from it.

2. For drying clothes in a dryer

Instead of buying dryer sheets for your dryer, use dish sponges. They are more convenient because they can be used repeatedly and save money. Place a dry dish sponge in the dryer before running a drying cycle. It will absorb moisture from the clothes and help maintain their colors.

3. To prolong the freshness of fruits and vegetables

Place one or more dried mushrooms in the refrigerator in the fruit and vegetable compartment. The mushrooms will draw out excess moisture that collects in the refrigerator, thus extending the freshness of fresh produce.

4. Make your own pedicure dividers

Instead of buying expensive separators for your pedicure, use sliced kitchen mushrooms. They do a great job when you need to separate your toes before you polish them.

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