How to organize the big holiday cookout?

How to organize the big holiday cookout?
How to organize the big holiday cookout?

Christmas is the time when, in addition to mood and merrymaking, a lot of tension. Preparation can be fun, but if not well organized, it can lead to total chaos. And you don't want to spoil yourself, do you?

If you're going to cook, you'll probably have to shoulder the entire burden of stress in подготовка and all that can to get confused. So you need a plan on how to organize the preparations so that things don't go too wrong!

Get started now

Every time you start planning something, it's good not to procrastinate. A guaranteed way to success is to postpone the stress itself.


Traditional feasts require a lot of skill and time to prepare. The festive table includes baked goods, the kneading, rising and baking of which is very time-consuming. The rest of the baked, boiled or reheated feasts and drinks also require attention and a nimble hand.

In order not to panic in the kitchen and burn some of your dishes, prepare a menu in advance in which you have described exactly what you are going to cook. Once you have decided which feasts you have chosen, write down how much time you will need for each.

In addition, your list should also include a sequence of preparation. For example, baked goods that require proofing can be mixed first and while they are proofing you can prepare something else that is faster, such as an aperitif or salad.


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Once you know exactly what you will be cooking, it will be very easy for you to predict which products will need to be taken out of the freezer and when, which products will need to be bought fresh and when, and which feasts will need to be put on the stove or stove at the specified time.

Shopping List

Make sure to make a shopping list. Not only will you not forget an important product or spice, but it will also save you going back to the store in the biggest rush.

The stores before the holidays are crowded, you jostle with people to get the product, and in many cases the assortment ends and even if you go back to buy what you forgot, it will no longer be there.

Buy all products and drinks that can stay at room temperature and have a longer shelf life in advance. You'll save yourself time, money and back pain from carrying heavy if you don't have a car.

That way you will have time to buy the things that need to be fresh the day before. Store in refrigerator.


It's clear that you can't do it all by yourself. It is not necessary! Christmas is a family holiday and everyone should get involved. You can make it fun too if you follow the recommendations above. That way there will be no tension.

Plan the time

After you have considered all the lists, plan your time based on them. It is the most valuable at such times because it is the least. You have so much to do, and it's almost time for the holiday dinner! It all depends on your schedule.

A few little tips

  • Sharpen all the knives in advance so you don't have to worry about this too. For the precise preparation of the feasts, you will need quality tools.
  • Wash the holiday tableware so they are dry and ready to use. It is very unpleasant when your relatives and guests sit down at the table, and you have just washed dusty glasses and served them with drops of water.
  • One week before Christmas, sort the products in the fridge and make room for the clothes that require refrigeration.
  • Clean the oven well before the holidays. Not that it won't get dirty from a lot of grease and fumes from a big cookout, but if it gets on top of the previous grime and grime, cleaning becomes even more difficult.

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