Sunflower oil is at war with olive oil

Sunflower oil is at war with olive oil
Sunflower oil is at war with olive oil

You don't have to say: " Goodbye forever!" to fried potatoes, zucchini, cheese and pane cheese, burek peppers, potato meatballs, fries, soft drinks, etc., just eat them once a month! The advice is not only he althy but also economically beneficial.

Sunflower oil is the most widely used oil in Bulgaria. The reason is its affordable price. A look at some shops in Sofia showed that the cheapest oil you can buy for 1 liter is BGN 1.50 in one of the hypermarkets in the district. "Youth". Small shops cannot afford such a price, and in them you will most often find oil around BGN 2.60

This is how much a liter of sunflower oil is sold for - BGN 1, 50, 1, 99, 2.25, 2, 35, 2, 59, 2, 65, 2, 90

On the stands of large stores you will also find: bez cholesterol - BGN 1.59 (which is an absurd wording, because cholesterol is only found in foods of animal origin); with walnut flavor – BGN 14.49, with chili flavor – BGN 9.69 and with flavor of lemon – BGN 9.69. As you can see, their price is more than ten times more expensive.

The best fat for frying is olive oil, peanut, which is close to it in composition, coconut and rice oil. These types of oil very slowly reach their flash point, or the point at which the oil burns and releases toxic substances.

Coconut oil is one of the most expensive - 250 g costs about BGN 3.50, rice oil - 0.500 l is 8.95, peanut - 9, 69, olive oil - between BGN 7.00 and BGN 13.00 per liter.

The price of grape seed oil approaches that of olive oil (1 liter is BGN 10.69), which means that nothing prevents us from buying the other way to the salads.

As for the quality - surely every housewife has a preferred brand and price. But the price also matters. And yet – the most fat is consumed during frying. Therefore, if we revise the monthly home menu and reduce fried foods to 1-2 times a week, then we have a chance to fit into the family budget.

And because today's shopper is well-informed and stores offer a wide variety of brands and types - the vegetable fat stall war continues.

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