Headache - how to overcome it

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Headache - how to overcome it
Headache - how to overcome it

Headaches, migraines, general fatigue - common complaints among us women. The headache, when it is not of the migraine type, constant, and associated with depression and stress, has ways to be overcome without medical intervention, without pills, but with completely layman's and easily implemented methods. Here are some ideas on how to overcome headaches and save those around you from "I have a headache again!".


Massage in the area of the temples, back of the head and shoulders is an ideal remedy for a quick treatment of a headache. If you don't have anyone to ask to massage you, take matters into your own hands and spend at least 10-15 minutes actively massaging with moderate pressure in the mentioned areas.


No matter how scandalous it sounds to you, sex helps to activate blood circulation, and with that it is also a very good and proven remedy for eliminating headaches. Don't use the fact that you have a headache to turn your partner down, on the contrary! You will be sure of the positive result.

Exercise and Sports

If you have the opportunity - go for a run, do some gymnastics - at least 10-20 minutes, go swimming or choose another sport you prefer. As a last resort, even just a walk in the park can help. Movement is important for circulation. It will help to get rid of the headache.


A headache is often the first sign of dehydration. If you are not sure how much water you are drinking today - try to drink as much as possible. If you drink 1-2 glasses, the balance in your body can be quickly restored and the headache will go away.


If you are on a diet - you know, hunger gives you a headache. Eat something small. Hypoglycemia is not good, try to find a balance in your diet and choose a suitable diet. However, if your head hurts a lot - eating something will help!


Clearly, coffee and caffeinated products can give you a quick boost and help your headache go away. However, do not overdo it with the amount of coffee per day - too much coffee will also give you a headache!

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