Celebratory program of Bulgaria ON AIR for the Day of Courage

Celebratory program of Bulgaria ON AIR for the Day of Courage
Celebratory program of Bulgaria ON AIR for the Day of Courage

National TV Bulgaria ON AIR will celebrate the Day of Courage and the Bulgarian Army with an impressive festive program. The studio special will start at 8am on Sunday, and will continue until the midday show at 12.30pm.

Bulgaria ON AIR will broadcast the celebrations live both from the studio of "Bulgaria in the morning" and directly from "Narodno sambrenie" Square, where the host of "Operation: History" Rosen Petrovwill provide a first-person commentary on the military parade.

In the spirit of the Day of the Bulgarian Army, directly from the Monument to the Unknown Soldier and "Prince Alexander Battenberg" square, the solemn consecration of the battle flags and the line of honor will be broadcast. Live from "Vrazhdebna" and "Graf Ignatievo", Bulgaria ON AIR will make viewers part of the impressive departure of the planes from the military airbases to the military parade.

The festive mood will not be absent from the studio of Bulgaria ON AIR, where the presenters Lora Indjova and Zlatimir Yochev will celebrate St. George's Day together with famous directories.

Guests in "Bulgaria in the Morning" will be the authors of the "Postbox for Tales" project Geri Turiyska and Dimitar Kalburov who will they entertain us with tales of Gosho.

The host of the show "Family" Delyana Marinova - Judzhi will welcome the holiday with the legendary Bulgarian basketball player Georgi Mladenov, also known as the Bulgarian Michael Jordan. A surprise has also been prepared by the "Vivo Montana" orchestra, which will perform a special concert with live performances of some of the most famous military marches and St. George's Day songs.

In the framework of the festive studio, the viewers will also follow the interesting stories of Bulgarians from all over the country who gave themselves the recognition to serve their homeland. Nikolay Nenchev - former Minister of Defense of Bulgaria will speak from the first person about the state of the Bulgarian army and the honor of being a soldier

What inspires a young man to give up the medical profession to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot, a 27-year-old pilot from Burgas will share.

How does one become a female soldier and is it difficult to fight for the motherland on an equal footing with men - this is what a young military woman from Veliko Tarnovo will tell the audience. In turn, the photographer of Investor Media Group Oleg Popov will walk us through some of the hottest spots in the world, with stories and footage from the war in the Middle East.

For lovers of festive feasts, Bulgaria ON AIR will also broadcast the traditional cooking of soldier's bean soup directly from the Military History Museum, and an authentic Bulgarian recipe for roast lamb in the Gergovski style will be presented live to the viewers Chef Georgi Ivanov.

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