The premier series "Wellington's Lines" on Bulgaria ON AIR

The premier series "Wellington's Lines" on Bulgaria ON AIR
The premier series "Wellington's Lines" on Bulgaria ON AIR

National TV Bulgaria ON AIR will broadcast the first military film for Bulgaria "The Lines of Wellington", which recreates the legendary battle between the Anglo-Portuguese army of General Wellington and the French army. The historical production, divided into three consecutive parts, has been awarded nine prestigious awards, including Best Screenplay in 2013 and eighteen nominations.

The first episode of the serial film will be broadcast on St. George's Day - on May 6 at 7 p.m.

The screen narrative begins with the defeat of the French troops of Marshal Massena (Melville Popo) by the Anglo-Portuguese army of General Wellington (John Malkovich), at Serra de Bucaco on September 27, 1810. Despite the glorious victory, the Portuguese and British were forced to retreat from the outnumbered enemy to lure him to Torres Vedras, where Wellington had built well-fortified and impregnable defense lines. At the same time, the Anglo-Portuguese military command organized a large-scale operation to burn the entire area between the battlefield and the lines at Vedras to prevent the French from obtaining supplies.


It is precisely in these painful conditions that the lives of numerous characters, representatives of all social circles of society and gathered in one place by the irony of fate, are intertwined. Soldiers and civilians, men, women and children, young and old, tortured by the routine of war, dragged through hills and valleys, between destroyed villages, charred forests and devastated crops, fight a battle with a single goal - to drive the invaders from the lands and feel the breath of freedom again.

The Wellington Lines meets the idealistic young lieutenant Pedro de Alencar (Carloto Cotta), Clarissa Warren (Victoria Guerra), the shady dealer Penabranca (Miguel Borges), the vengeful sergeant Francisco Xavier (Nuno Lopez) and the lustful prostitute Martirio (Soraya Chavez), on their way to the defensive lines. And the final battle will decide the fate of each of them.

Don't miss the exciting and dramatic military film " The Lines of Wellington" - from May 6, at 7 p.m., on Bulgaria ON AIR.

The Lines of Wellington (Linhas de Wellington)

Drama, Historical, Military, Portugal, France, 2012;

Director: Valeria Sarmiento;

Starring: Nuno Lopez, John Malkovich, Soraya Chavez, Melville Popo, Carloto Cotta, Victoria Guerra, Miguel Borges and others.

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