Camelia: I learned not to make decisions based on emotions

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Camelia: I learned not to make decisions based on emotions
Camelia: I learned not to make decisions based on emotions

Kamelia is among the most popular and attractive singers on the Bulgarian scene. In 1996, the talented Camelia seriously entered the music world, and since then her career has been colorful and varied. In recent years, the singer also appeared as a coach in the most watched music reality show " The Voice of Bulgaria".

Here's what she told us about the most difficult and emotional moments on the show, as well as her future projects.

For the third year in a row, you are a coach in "The Voice of Bulgaria". What does the show bring to you and what is different in the 2019 season?

For me "Voice of Bulgaria" is a real musical joy! My job as a coach brings me joy and satisfaction. This season there are many new elements and we have new and different talents. This year we have a brand new stage – Knockouts starting this Sunday. All of us coaches go into it with teams of seven super talented performers, but we will have to part with four of them. It will be a real test, both for us, as mentors, and for the participants themselves, who are one step away from the final live concerts. This Sunday and next Sunday, my fellow judges and I will decide for the last time who stays and who leaves the show. From May 26, when the live concerts begin, everything will be in the hands of the viewers.

Even if your musical career is in the pop-folk genre, this does not prevent your team from having participants with a rock and pop profile as well. Is it a challenge to be their mentor?

Music is important. The format of the show is such that we don't divide the music into genres. In "Voice of Bulgaria" we appreciate good singing, the sensuality of the talents, how they develop their stage behavior, microphone technique - in general, everything related to music. We don't think style is that important. In that sense, I don't see anything strange or overwhelming that I make pop-folk songs, but I'm a mentor to people who maybe don't listen to pop-folk, and maybe they do, but they create in a different style.

In the show, your emotional nature, your sincerity makes an impression. Does emotion help or hinder when you coach?

Music is an emotion. When it's there, it's just felt. The problem is when you react or make decisions under the influence of your personal feelings. I, at least for myself, have learned not to make emotional decisions.


What is the hardest part of the show for you?

For me, the hardest part is when we can't see the performers during castings in the dark. When our backs are turned and we hear only one voice. Turning off one sense, in this case sight, makes everything else sharper and makes us even more responsible. When you have already formed your team, you can also include your personal assessment as a coach - who behaves how, who is responsible, who is more dedicated in what they do, who is more ambitious, who listens more and develops faster, who more boldly races in his development in the show. Then it's easier for me, because the performers themselves help me judge with their behavior. But when we have our backs, there is nothing else but a voice. That's when it's hardest for me.

What qualities should the future winner of "The Voice of Bulgaria" show?

The show is purely musical, there are no people in it who can't sing. The winner, for me, in addition to being able to sing, must also show psyche, endurance, persistence, change from start to finish. We, as coaches as well as spectators, need to see a tangible change. It is clear that the participant will sing very well after getting there and going through the various rounds, but the stage behavior, the energy on the stage, the responsibility of the path that has been taken are also important. These qualities must be possessed by the winner.

What advice do you give most often to your team members? Is there anything hidden from the viewers?

We talk about a lot of things with them and I think the camera captures the most important and the viewer hears it too. At this point in the show, each of the coaches has seven contestants on their team, and those 7 people are different personalities, different voices. Everyone has their burdens, desires, difficulties, needs. And that's why everyone is spoken to individually. We try to motivate them, we try to get the best out of them.

You mentioned that this Sunday there is a new stage in the show - the Knockouts, in which each coach will have to choose three finalists. Should we expect many surprises, maybe tears?

Let me tell you, I cried in some of the episodes and I hope I didn't relax too much, because I can safely say that this stage of the competition is the most emotional. Each of us is fighting the one he liked to come to his team, we have used all kinds of arguments to attract him. And finally in the knockouts, before the big concerts, is the moment when you have to part with some of these talents for good. You have to decide who will make it to the finals, to the live concerts. And this is extremely responsible, and that's why I think that the knockouts are the most emotional stage of the show, because with each one you had to fight for, it is possible to part with them. And it's definitely heavy. I hope it doesn't roar! (laughs.)


We'll look forward to watching them then! And would you do a duet with one of the participants in the format?

Yes I would! As long as we fit together as voices, there is a suitable song that stands, suits us as artists, shows us in the best light. Yes, I would definitely.

After "The Voice of Bulgaria", what awaits you professionally, are you working on new projects?

I'm currently working on several projects, moving things along gradually. For me, it's not the quantity that's important, but the quality. I had the incredible joy of creating a song like " Your Name" which became a very big hit, which I definitely haven't had in the past few years since I've been a self-produced artist. This is already my second hit. The previous one was " Tease Me" with Gamzata. And this brings me joy and satisfaction, a desire for more songs. We have some interesting ideas that we are trying to implement. I continue to sing, of course. I was even recently at a party in Greece, just before St. George's Day, where there were 2,000 Bulgarians. It was on the first arm of Halkidiki. We sang both folk and patriotic songs, as well as my greatest hits. So, purely professionally I prepare songs, meet audiences, sing. And personally, I'm trying to steal some time, some free day for myself, so I can recharge my batteries.


How do you like to spend your free time, how do you rest?

When I fell asleep first! (Laughs.) Because so recently I had a whole week of going to bed between 6 and 9 in the morning, and my body clock was really going off! So, I like to sleep first, then to be alone a little bit, because when you work with a lot of people, it's energy, and then I try to gather myself, be with my closest person and stay at home for a little bit, because I'm the most relaxed.

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