Salvation for dark circles

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Salvation for dark circles
Salvation for dark circles

It is true that the eyes sometimes speak much more than we ourselves. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for them to talk about lack of sleep, stress, tension, or a genetic predisposition to dark circles.

This "effect" under the eyes is often a sign of a he alth problem, unhe althy lifestyle and routine. If you start taking care of the delicate area around the eyes, you can quickly get rid of this defect, as long as it is not due to hormonal imbalance or heredity.

Also exclude or at least reduce external factors such as excessive use of alcohol, cigarettes and harmful foods.

Although products created on a chemical basis often give good effects, it also comes at a price. You risk causing irreparable damage to the skin, which, even if it is not immediately apparent, can cause problems over time.

That is exactly why we turn once again to natural recipes that can be easily prepared at home.

We present to you the most effective products and ways to get the most out of their benefits against dark circles under the eyes.

1. Potatoes

Grate one raw potato and squeeze the juice. Using a cotton swab, absorb a small amount. Place on a closed eyelid and leave on for at least 10 minutes. Make sure you cover both the eyelid and the areas around it.

2. Cold milk

Regular use of cold milk will reduce dark circles under the eyes and soothe the skin in this area. Take a cotton swab and place it in a bowl of cold milk. Apply to the eyes and leave on for at least 15-20 minutes. Again, you need to make sure the problem area is covered for the procedure to be effective.

3. orange juice

Another effective home remedy to remove dark circles under the eyes is orange. Mix the juice of one of the aromatic fruits with a few drops of glycerin. In the same way as with the above two recipes, soak a cotton pad and leave it on the eyelids for about 15 minutes. This recipe will not only reduce dark circles but also add a natural glow to your look.

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