Dishes you must try

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Dishes you must try
Dishes you must try

Traveling through unknown places is more than exciting. We always take a piece of them with us in the form of a beautiful souvenir, sand from the shores of the ocean or recipes for dishes that have touched our senses.

We share a short guide to the most typical dishes that you can try in different corners of the world.

Belgium - Mussels with French Fries

Mussels in Belgium are prepared differently. Options include scallops with a variety of aromatic herbs, wine or tomato sauce. The side dish for them is crispy fries and of course a cold Belgian beer.

Brazil - Feijoada

In Brazil, you will not only drink great cocktails, but you will have the opportunity to try amazing dishes. One of them is feijoada, which is composed of black beans, roast pork, beef, spices and cassava flour. It is usually served with rice, cabbage and hot sauce to speed up the digestion process.

Austria – Wiener Schnitzel

This dish is considered one of the symbols of Austria. The classic Viennese schnitzel is made from a very thin slice of beef, breaded until golden brown. It is served with fried potatoes or steamed rice as a side dish.

China - Xiao Long Bao

This is one of the most consumed dishes in Shanghai. It is prepared in special bamboo baskets. The small dumplings are filled with different types of meat, and the dough in which the meat is wrapped is very fine and tasty. They are served with a special sauce or soup.

England - roast beef with Yorkshire pudding

A classic dish that you can try in any restaurant in England. This delicious beef dish is also often prepared in English homes, and every family has their own recipe for making it.

Holland - Herring

One of the most consumed fish in the Netherlands is herring. Served on nice black bread with finely chopped onion.

Indonesia – terang bulan

A delicious dessert that you can buy while walking around the streets of Indonesian cities. It consists of fluffy dough and a rich filling of bananas, chocolate, pieces of peanuts and even grated cheese.

Japan – katsudon

A fine Japanese dish that is composed of tender pork, eggs, spices, served over a bowl of rice.

Norway – rakfisk

Fish lovers will be impressed with this dish. S alted trout is left to stand for several months. Then it is cut into thin pieces, sour cream, onions are added to it and all this is wrapped in a pancake.

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