Chef Peño Ivanov: He althy eating is not expensive, it is a way of thinking

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Chef Peño Ivanov: He althy eating is not expensive, it is a way of thinking
Chef Peño Ivanov: He althy eating is not expensive, it is a way of thinking

About traditions in Bulgarian cuisine, he althy eating and cooking, we talk with chef Peño Ivanov. He also gives valuable advice on the culinary preparation for the upcoming big holiday - St. George's Day.

Why are you organizing the "Keeper of Traditions" initiative? What's new this year

"Keeper of Traditions" has been a national initiative since 2010, and during the entire period from then until now, every year we add something new. This is not a change of concept, but an evolution. We started with 3 groups of nominations in the Folklore, Crafts and Artists (fine arts) categories in 2010, in 2011 we added another serious category - Culinary, and now, in 2012, there will be awards for Organization or Personality - "Keeper of Traditions" (for total contribution). This initiative is unique because none of the Folklore, Crafts and Artists and Culinary guilds until now have had their "Blackbeard Brave", "Askeer", "Golden Quill", "Maxim", FARA, "Orphan Wanderer", " Bronze Lion" and many other awards that are given on an annual basis. With the initiation of "Keeper of Traditions", we at Arts and Crafts Development Association - 7 (A. R. I. Z.-7) have taken an incredible step in the direction of thanking and honoring all the greats in today, who work and will work to preserve the precious things we have inherited. As I like to say, "Every Bulgarian is a keeper of traditions", and this symbol, which we award every year, is a symbol of appreciation.

What did you learn about Bulgarian women and their way of cooking during the "Colorful Table" culinary festival

I can say that we didn't need to hold a national festival to get to know the Bulgarian woman. What I do know is that she is caring, generous and dedicated, and in the kitchen there is no equal. However, the fact is that sometimes we are all hurried and carried away in our daily activities and it happens that we both eat in a hurry and postpone some work for later. However, you will always know the enormous love that every Bulgarian woman puts into what she does. From embroidery to textiles, to clay products and delicious feasts - everything comes to life in her hands. I have watched my grandmothers cook and I know it is always very tasty. Each woman uses different spices. Every house smells different. The good thing is that "Colorful Table" is all over the country, and when we are in another city, we can see and taste the different dishes that are prepared in different corners. There we also see dishes that do not remember where they came from, only a few grandmothers and great-grandmothers who last handed down the dish remember them. So by watching a woman cook you can tell how she was taught to prepare the dishes, of course there are self-taught as in any craft.

Is there a way to eat he althy without it being too expensive

Hello - it's a mindset. He althy is not always synonymous with expensive. It's not expensive to buy oatmeal, it's not expensive to buy fruits and vegetables, it's not expensive to drink water. I think we can say at least a few of the components of the topic "He althy eating". Variety – this is a very important part. Think about how to diversify your menu. When you eat the same thing every day, it's not very good. Moderation – the amounts you consume at one meal is an important factor. You realize what will happen when you regularly overeat, especially late at night. When you eat is also an important question. The fluids you take in during the day - a topic that people underestimate. Man, like many things in nature, consists of a large percentage of water. In order for metabolic processes to take place, there must be water… it's as simple as that. The consumption of unprocessed products. This is a topic that anyone can develop independently at home. Diversity in processing styles and diversity in products used. Fish, white meats, dairy products, eggs, cereals. not to mention there's no easier way to figure out what to eat right now. You open the net, turn on the TV, read countless newspapers and magazines, and there are a lot of interesting things. Interesting recipes, interesting and simple techniques. A fillet of fish or chicken can be instead fried - baked in the oven - and done. It is already many times more useful. One should judge for oneself what the practices are at home and gradually make a change. There are no miracles, nothing happens in an instant. Miracles happen when we work diligently and intelligently in a given direction. When we talk about he althy eating, however, I always say that a person looks a certain way because he has achieved a certain proportion and a certain ratio between eating and moving. What a meal and what a movement there is today… We talked about the meal. We will talk about the movement now. Dynamic time, the car is everywhere with us and we with it. Evening – sofa, chair, bed. there are people who move, we can say, symbolically. Others, however, take walks in the park on their way home from work, being in nature every moment they can. Some are folk dancing, others are in the gym. Who and how much he moves and who and how much he eats whatever he likes, he himself knows, but for a person to be well, it is good to think. First analyze your own eating and exercise habits. Many people are too lazy not only to move, but also to think. That way there is no way for good and nice things to happen. If you want something, you will have to work hard and get it. This also applies to the figure you want to have.

Where are the food products of better quality - in the hypermarket or in the market

Quality products are everywhere. Both in the market and in the supermarket. But the manufacturer is important. Every cook and every housewife or foodie knows what they want in terms of quality, and they look for it. In restaurants, there is a term "Verified suppliers". People you trust, not because they are very cute and elegantly dressed, but because they have a product quality that is sustainable over time. With quality products - quality results. Not to give vulgar examples of sausages for 3 BGN, for example. There is no sane person who would accept that there are standards and quality in this product… The responsibility is personal, the responsibility lies with each buyer. The responsibility of what we buy is mine and yours.

What coating should the dishes in which we cook be in order to be safe for he alth

Today there are all kinds of dishes. People have a huge choice. There are less and less enamelware and less and less cooking in copper vessels. And aluminum is already less and less used as a material. There are porcelain, glass, metal in various shapes and sizes, which fully satisfy people's needs in aesthetic and in the aspect of variety of forms. There are people who cook in ceramic as well, I also like to use a casserole or pot when the recipe calls for it.

Recommend a traditional recipe for St. George's Day

For St. George's Day, of course, lamb and green salad. Anyone can create the green salad themselves with lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, green onions and a little flavoring with lemon, vinegar, oil or olive oil, and for the lamb I offer one.

What wine goes best with lamb

Wine and food pairing is an interesting topic. Different people - different tastes. There are people who would enjoy lamb with only red wine, but there are also people who would happily drink a rosé or some aromatic white wine. There are no mandatory things, but it is important, apart from the lamb, what is there as a side dish.

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