It's Flower Day! The festival of flowers

It's Flower Day! The festival of flowers
It's Flower Day! The festival of flowers

Tsvetnitsa is the second major holiday before the Resurrection of Christ. The holiday is also called Vrabnitsa, Flower Sunday and has a variable date. Today, the Orthodox Church celebrates the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. According to the history of the holiday, believers welcomed him with flowers in their hands, palm and olive branches.

That's why, today, everyone who goes to church to light a candle for he alth will also take home lit willow branches (they replace the palm ones), which they will curl into a wreath and place on the door for he alth and prosperity.

In different parts of Europe, believers and celebrants, in addition to willow branches, honor the holiday with olive, laurel, rosemary or stylized palm leaves.

Also on Lazarus Day, willow branches are collected and consecrated in the temples.

Although we are still in a strict fast, on Palm Sunday the consumption of fish is allowed. Lean pita, lean bean dishes, sarmi, prepared dishes are also put on the festive table with greens such as nettles, nettles, spinach.

Today is one of the most beautiful spring holidays, because everyone who bears the names of flowers is celebrating. We congratulate Kalin, Kalina, Rosa, Margarita, Tsvetan, Cvetelina, Tsvetanka, Lilia, Nevena, Kaliya, Sycamore, Yasen, Verban, Zdravko, Zdravka, Kamelia and everyone else who has occasion to treat Let your home shine with happiness and the fragrance of fresh flowers warm your souls.

Happy Holidays!

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