Signs that your dog is sick

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Signs that your dog is sick
Signs that your dog is sick

Pets are those who make us happy everyday, give us comfort in difficult times and teach us many things in life. Those of you who keep a dog know that a dog is a dynamic animal. In addition to games and walks, it needs a lot of care. Sometimes we don't notice what it is trying to tell us, especially when there is a he alth problem. Here are some sure signs that your dog is sick.


of the clearest symptoms suggesting that something is wrong with the dog. Some breeds develop arthritis as they age, causing limb changes and difficulty walking. Although sometimes limping is just a way for dogs to draw attention to themselves for more petting and love, don't ignore this symptom.


Excessive salivation

Every dog salivates especially after playing, eating or drinking water. But if your dog has stomach problems, increased salivation will tell you about it. Often these problems are also accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea.


for no apparent reason may suggest some malaise is present in your dog. Feel the dog's body. If something really hurts, it will react when touched.

Irritability and aggression

Often the emotions that a dog experiences are close to those of a human. When we are in pain we are more nervous, the same with dogs.

Too much sleep

If your dog is energetic, but you noticed that he sleeps too much, has no desire for walks and games, then he is definitely not feeling well.

Lack of appetite

It's not only when people are sick that they lack appetite, it's the same with animals. If a dog has a mouth sore or dental problems (most often) it will avoid eating.


In addition to all the symptoms listed so far, pay attention to whether the dog licks a certain area more, such as a paw for example. If his paw is hurt, he licks it because he hopes that way it will reduce the discomfort.

Shortness of breath and rapid breathing

Sometimes pain and discomfort are accompanied by rapid breathing, shortness of breath and slight tremors. Pay attention to these symptoms, especially if the shortness of breath is not after playing or walking.

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