Dyeing eggs for Easter - 7 myths from my grandmother

Dyeing eggs for Easter - 7 myths from my grandmother
Dyeing eggs for Easter - 7 myths from my grandmother

Painting eggs for Easter is my favorite ritual. In my family, it is accompanied by a series of magical rites that must be performed in a predetermined sequence imposed over the years. Of course from my grandmother. And since I argue with grandma on all sorts of topics - from varicose veins to Ivan Kostov, I can't help but question the myths she has nurtured for decades about dyeing Easter eggs.

1. Eggs should be boiled in a bag or mesh so they don't crack.

I have empirically proven that it is not true - on the contrary. Eggs collected in a bag crack much more than eggs laid freely.

2. While the eggs are boiling, it's good to add onion flakes so that they "catch" the dyes more easily.

In fact, if there are a lot of shells, the eggs may turn a little yellow. But whether they will paint well depends on the paints.

3. Paints must be dissolved in metal cans.

I'm weak in chemistry, but still I can't find any logic.

4. Eggs should be mostly solid color, only a few painted with candle wax. (this never works out the way I want, because they steam) or put them in a net together with a stuck indrishe leaffor a figurine.

In my opinion, there are enough techniques to make eggs look good and be more fun. But indrisha and wax are a myth!

5. All egg dyes are the same and that's why we should buy the cheapest one.

This is my grandmother's classic reasoning, which is in the same category as "I don't buy the things they advertise on TV because if they were good, they wouldn't advertise them". Always, always, the cheapest egg dye is junk. It paints your hands but not your eggs:)

6. Don't eat a whole egg on Easter because you'll get a boil.

Actually, most likely to choke.

7. The goatskin also enters Easter mythology. Kozunak must be bought from a specific bakery where there is an insane queue of pensioners.

20 years ago, this was the best oven in the neighborhood and probably the only one, but now there are good bakeries on the road and under the road. But, it is important to have a queue.

Of course there are also many rules that I absolutely agree with.. As many family members as possible should participate. Mandatory egg painting on Maundy Thursday (Saturday painting is like a remedial exam).

What are your Easter secrets?

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