How to make Easter baskets without money?

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How to make Easter baskets without money?
How to make Easter baskets without money?

Easter baskets can be made in many and the most diverse ways. Without money - means to recycle and be eco. Now I'm going to share with you one of those ways to make something out of nothing.

Necessary Materials

7 roll of toilet paper

napkins – colored



You need seven rolls of toilet paper. This means that you collect your rolls and if you have small children, you should know that they will always come in handy to do something interesting and fun.

Well, since Easter is coming, you can make baskets. In addition to the rolls, you will also need napkins - the most ordinary napkins (you can use toilet paper, tissue, etc.). It is good if the napkins are colorful. You cut them or tear them into small pieces, coat the rolls with glue C 200, fold each piece into 4, to make something like a cone and glue it. The Russians call this technique " торцевание" and stick, using the dull side of the pencil. They make all kinds of interesting things - panels, paintings, vases. I guess many of you have somehow tried this technique already

For others, we'll say that the work is a bit sticky, but it calms the nerves and doesn't require any special skills.

Little by little, cover each roll completely with the pieces of napkins. Then you glue the rolls together like a flower. I glue with silicone, but you can also try with another glue. You can make a handle from cardboard, which you can glue again in the same way.

Depending on how many hands will be involved in the activity, you can do it in one or two hours. You can decorate the baskets with flowers, ladybugs, butterflies, put artificial grass (made of paper or threads) and you will certainly be satisfied with the result. This way you can make a very impressive decoration without spending any extra money.

I have tested that eggs stay in these baskets but to be safe you can glue cardboard to the bottom and fill with cotton or candy.

The children will be delighted with your new Easter basket.

Collects seven eggs - just enough for this year's Easter.

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