Stone eggs beat the hens

Stone eggs beat the hens
Stone eggs beat the hens

Don't let high egg prices ruin your Easter.

Indeed these are religious holidays on which one must seek God, humble himself and receive communion, but in nowadays people have so few holidays that they use every such date as an occasion to relax, eat, have fun and feel and they free people. And in my opinion they are quite right, as they say, he who accuses them casts the first stone

Well, in order to keep the traditions and to screw up the crisis, I suggest that we don't throw stones (there's a time for everything), but draw stone eggs.

If you take a spring walk by a river, you can really collect quite a few round pebbles. Then paint them with acrylic paints, varnish them and when you arrange them in a bowl they will look like real ones You can give as a gift art making stone eggsThis way you will keep the tradition and give Easter decorated eggs, and you will not buy several shells of expensive and overpriced eggs.

If this method seems quite lean to you and you think that your friends will not appreciate it, then you can buy wooden, ceramic, styrofoam, onyx eggs or others semi-precious stones sold in souvenir shops, they are in beautiful colors and perfectly polished.

There are also those whose prices vary, depending on the size, from BGN 1 to BGN 3, in my opinion, their price is worth it. It's really close to the price of expensive eggs from happy hens, but a stone is a stone, it remains a memory for forever You can gift it with a message of he alth and happiness and this egg will always remind to your friends about you and your blessed thoughts to them

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