Attractive Easter decoration made of felt

Attractive Easter decoration made of felt
Attractive Easter decoration made of felt

With the return to nature and ecomaterials, felt is becoming more and more sought after and more and more used decoration material.

Used to make purses, bags and jewelry; for decorating cards, as well as making various souvenirs.

Some people are so passionate that they even enroll in courses in felting (that's what wool products are called).

But if you don't have time to make your own felt, you can buy it from art supply stores, such as Sunflower. Sold in different colors and different thickness.

Of course, it will cost you more money and more effort than if you buy Chinese souvenirs, but you will still have the satisfaction of having made your own spring decoration and from eco-materials.

Felt is very easy to work with. You can glue it, sew it or staple it. You can craft almost anything. Here are some ideas to make Easter decorations and Easter souvenirs.

Egg Stands - these are made of thicker felt - you just need to cut a piece of this size so that when twisted into a circle it can wrap around an egg. As an aid, you can use a roll of toilet paper, and in this case you will be able to use a thinner felt to just stick to the roll. (As you can guess, thinner felt is also cheaper.) You can make two egg holders out of one roll of toilet paper, or you can turn them into little baskets by adding a felt handle to them. We glue it and decorate it with flowers, ladybugs, grasses - again, we can make them from thinner felt.

Felt Baskets – if you can make a basket out of cardboard, so can you make one out of felt. First you need to make a template or just print it from the Internet, cut out the parts and glue them. Finally comes the most enjoyable part – decorating the basket. You can make it in the shape of a hen or in the shape of a flower meadow.

When you make something yourself, the good thing is that you can make it in exactly the shape you want - round, elliptical, square.

You can use the finished basket for eggs or give it as an Easter cake to your relatives.

Card decoration - made of thin felt. You can make great Easter cards by cutting out fun elements like bunnies, eggs or flowers.

Felt souvenirs – You can easily make a bunny or a chicken. For example, you make a cone out of yellow felt and decorate it as a hen with a red comb, eyes and wings.

I'm sure that after you already have several colors of thin and thick felt, you will come up with many original ideas. And if you have children, you can glue, cut and have fun together. The good thing about Easter is that it is a holiday that gathers close people in one place.

And if you don't have any time, you can simply buy ready-made Easter elements for decoration made of felt and wood to decorate your Easter wreath, living room or place just like that for desk mood.

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