3 ways to remove nail glue from skin

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3 ways to remove nail glue from skin
3 ways to remove nail glue from skin

Making the manicure can also be done at home, as long as you have patience, creativity and attention to detail. In the last two years, many things have started to happen entirely at home, which also makes beauty treatments more accessible.

If you decided to style your manicure at home and add a beautiful design with artificial nails, you will certainly use glue When you are not a professional, the probability of getting dirty with glue is high. It can stick to the surrounding skin and be a challenge to remove. But not if you know how to act.

Here are 3 easy ways to remove nail glue from your skin

1. With acetone

You need:

  • Cotton swabs;
  • Paint remover with acetone;
  • Toothbrush.

Dip the cotton swab into the acetone so that it is completely wet. Press the pad onto the glue on your skin and wait until it starts to dissolve. Then use the brush to remove any residue. Rub gently so as not to injure the skin.

2. With petroleum jelly

Vaseline is very oily and can help to remove the glue easily. It's also gentle and nourishing to the skin, and won't dry it out like acetone does. The only downside is that it doesn't work as fast as acetone, but it is suitable for dry and sensitive skin prone to irritation.

You need:

  • Vaseline;
  • Soap;
  • Water.

Scoop a generous amount of Vaseline and apply to the skin affected by the glue. Massage in a circular motion until you see the glue begin to dissolve. After it has completely softened, use soapy water to wash off the petroleum jelly residue and grease.

3. Warm soapy water

One of the gentlest and gentlest options for removing nail glue from the skin is soapy water. The downside is that it works best with uncured glue. If the glue has been on the skin longer and has hardened, it may take longer.

You need:

  • Small bowl;
  • Soft soap;
  • Hot water.

Fill the bowl with warm water. Soak the soap inside until the water is sudsy enough. Wet your hands as needed to dissolve the glue. Once it starts to soften, rub with your fingers or a cotton pad to remove it. Apply a moisturizing balm to the skin.

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