“379 days with Milen Tsvetkov. The story of an expected love" (excerpts)

“379 days with Milen Tsvetkov. The story of an expected love" (excerpts)
“379 days with Milen Tsvetkov. The story of an expected love" (excerpts)

April 19 marks 1 year since beloved journalist Milen Tsvetkov died in a ridiculous accident in Sofia. The book " 379 days with Milen Tsvetkov. The story of an expected love” (from Knigomania) comes out in his memory. The book is edited by the journalist Georgi Toshev.

Milena Ivanova has been the person next to Milen Tsvetkov in the last few years. 379 days is their cohabitation, but the story of their love began earlier, when Milena Ivanova visited the studio of "The Hour of Milen Tsvetkov" for the first time. For both of them, this love is awaited and dreamed of, but it goes through vicissitudes.

In the book you will read the memories that Milen Tsvetkov told Milena Ivanova about his childhood, habits and principles in his life, about his work in various television stations, about colleagues from whom he learned a lot about journalism (such as Brigitta Cholakova), and for others with whom he was disappointed; about professionalism and how important trust is, about the warm relationship with your children, about the mountains, about the trips to Greece.

Although Milena Ivanova is a numerologist, April 19 does not foretell that something bad will happen - the day is Easter, Milen Tsvetkov felt happy, he managed to hear about the holiday on the phone from everyone he loves… but not anymore returns to the woman he loves.

"379 days with Milen Tsvetkov" shows the beloved journalist as he is - through the eyes of Milena Ivanova as a partner, as well as through the eyes of his best friend from childhood Mario Raichev and colleagues from Nova TV Ani Ivanova, Tara Nuri and Ivo Todorov, journalists Georgi Milkov and Niki Kanchev.

From today, the book is distributed in bookstores. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the fund "For the children of Milen Tsvetkov".

“This book is a story about Millen. A subjective, personal look at the woman by his side in his final years here. I met Milena after Milena died. She told about their beautiful story. Milena shared with me about Milena two months before she left. He called her "my great love." He was sincere. " – Georgi Toshev

“He was one of the few off the “assembly line” in television. Over time, he had developed his own style, his own sense of working with the bosses, the guests, and the audience. In all three, he was still himself - he didn't do things as he was told from above or below, or as the person opposite wanted." - Nikki Kanchev

“He was a journalist who knew what every aspect of our profession was really about. He was implacable. He bowed to no one, whether in power or not. Never stooped for money. Don't sell yourself to have a job, salary and comfort." - Ани Иванова

“The first thing you understand from communicating with Milen is that he is an honest, demanding person. He did not like the expressions "can't", "can't", "no way". They didn't exist for him at all. He couldn't stand them. It was straight.” – Tara Nouri

“Television was his passion. From a child. Ever since his father let him watch "Around the World and in Our House" one evening. Apparently, this is how this magic happened between him and the news, which never let him go until the end." - Георги Милков

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