We celebrate Jordan Day (The Epiphany)

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We celebrate Jordan Day (The Epiphany)
We celebrate Jordan Day (The Epiphany)

On January 6th we celebrate. On this day, according to biblical legend, Jesus Christ was baptized in the waters of the Jordan River by John the Baptist. At the moment of baptism, heaven "opens" and the Holy Spirit descends on Christ in the form of a dove, and a voice is heard from heaven: "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." Hence the name of the holiday - Epiphany.

Consecration of water takes place on this day. After the service in the church, the priest throws a cross into the water, and bachelors take it out. It is believed that the one who took the cross out of the water will be he althy and happy. He goes around the village with the cross, and everyone donates it. There is a belief that if the cross thrown into the water freezes, the year will be he althy and fruitful.

Yordanovden is associated with the belief that on the night before the holiday, the sky opens and whoever wishes for something at that moment, it will come true. From today, the sending of wedding invitations and the period of weddings until the Easter holidays begin.

Today they have a name day Yordan, Jordanka, Dancho, Danka, Bogolyub, Bogolyuba, Bojan, Bojana, Dana, Bistra, Boyan, Bogdan, Bogdana.

Lean dishes are placed on the table, the walnuts, raw wheat and the unburnt candle from the previous incense dinners, fresh pita bread, cookies, sarmi with sauerkraut, stuffed peppers, cabbage, beans, walnuts, wine

On January 6, military units and battle flags are consecrated. The first voodoo was made on August 19, 917 before the Battle of Acheloi. The ritual was performed from 1879 to 1946. The tradition was resumed in 1993.

Happy holiday to all directories!

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