How to cook tasty and he althy?

How to cook tasty and he althy?
How to cook tasty and he althy?

See how to prepare delicious dishes with very little fat…

The weather is getting colder and there's just no way you haven't whetted your appetite for something other than fresh fruits and vegetables. Which is absolutely nothing wrong with that. On the contrary! Our body needs varied and nutritious food. Tender steaks, fish, juicier dumplings, and why not a rich omelette… However, the only condition is that all these delicacies contain a minimum amount of fat.

Those more experienced in the kitchen will immediately object that this is impossible. Because appetizing feasts require a lot of fat. Yes, but not when cooked with Delimano's Ceramica Prima Universal Pan. Why? Well this pan has a ceramic, non-stick coating and even when frying you only need a few drops of oil! If you don't believe it, you can see for yourself its qualities HERE.

The universal pan is necessary for absolutely every household. With it, you don't need to give up your favorite foods! They will be prepared much he althier. And appetizing! Because the ceramic coating preserves the vitamins and minerals, juiciness and natural flavors of the products as much as possible. Which makes their taste much denser and richer.

In addition, the food does not stick and is baked absolutely evenly. And for the more involved housewives, we have more good news – everything is prepared much faster, and cleaning is done in seconds.

Still hesitating? What if we told you that the Delimano Universal Pan can be yours for only BGN 19.90? An offer simply not to be missed!

Start cooking delicious and he althy! Take advantage of the irresistible offer and get your Delimano Universal Pan at a SUPER price HERE! And hurry, the promotion is until November 4, 2012!

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