Laminated parquet - modern and comfortable

Laminated parquet - modern and comfortable
Laminated parquet - modern and comfortable

Laminated parquet is an increasingly common choice for flooring not only in the office, but also in the home - from the entrance hall, through the corridor, the living room, even the bedroom and children's room. It's a practical and good-looking solution. The price of these parquets currently varies from BGN 15/sq.m. m. up to BGN 60/sq.m. m., depending on the quality and thickness. More expensive parquets include underlay and installation in their price. The warranty with some of the companies reaches 15 years!

Laminated parquet has the main advantage that it is installed quickly and easily, it is beautiful, it is much easier to clean, it does not need varnishing. There are different colors, which makes the choice even more difficult. Easy and quick to install.

The main disadvantage of this type of floor covering is the fact that it cannot be easily replaced in case of damage, i.e. it is not like classic parquet and only one part cannot be replaced.

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