4 cares with which French women cope with colds

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4 cares with which French women cope with colds
4 cares with which French women cope with colds

Transitional seasons are often associated with various ailments. Colds are one of them. Although we react quickly to the first symptoms, taking medication to relieve them, we should not forget about natural means to fight viruses.

See 4 natural remedies that French women trust.

Soup, salad with watercress

Say yes to the wonderful watercress. You can find it in any supermarket or fresh herb market. This little herb has amazing he alth benefits. It is rich in vitamin C, strengthens the immune system,supplies the body with folic acid, helps better absorption of iron, relieves cough.

When French women suffer from a cold, they always prepare a warm soup, to which they add fresh watercress at the end. Bistro with vegetables and chicken, cream soup or vitamin salad with watercress, take advantage of its beneficial qualities.

Fresh orange juice

Sometimes we just have to stick to the most basic affordable and fresh ingredients, like fresh orange juice. French women drink it every day and especially when they feel unwell.

The fruit elixir is extremely rich in vitamin C,which is an important antioxidant needed to fight colds. Of course, you can prepare orange juice in combination with lemon, grapefruit and a little ginger and cinnamon.


Pots are a true passion among French families. The main thing about potions is that they contain tea, herbs and plants, and when we are sick we always need the beneficial effect of herbs.

Chamomile for better sleep, fennel for digestion, lavender for stress relief, nettle for immunity boost, thyme for quick recovery, peppermint for stomach upset relief…

In pharmacies you can find different herbal combinations with which to prepare your opener and drink it several times a day sweetened with a little honey. When making an herbal infusion, it's important to cover the container in which the herbs are steeped for a few minutes to preserve their essential oils in the water.

Beetroot Salad

Beetroot is often consumed in France, especially for ailments. The vegetable has a number of he alth benefits, including improving digestion, helping with chronic conditions , improving stamina, supporting liver function, and more.

When you feel unwell, don't give the cold a chance and make yourself a salad with red beets, to which you can add other favorite vegetables and fresh spices. Beetroot is also great for fresh foods, soups.

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