Vegetarianism educates in tolerance

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Vegetarianism educates in tolerance
Vegetarianism educates in tolerance

Ивет Лолова is a nice, young lady who is happily one of the most examples of civic activism in Bulgaria. She graduated in Bulgarian philology, but at the moment she is fully devoted to her family and the ecology.

Ivette is deeply moved by the devaluation of values in today's society, by the pollution of the environment and by the future of the planet. On a voluntary basis, it does its best to promote a he althier and nature-friendly way of life.

Do you think Bulgarians live eco-friendly

Bulgarians traditionally live unhe althy lives. They find solace in the misunderstood mixture of folklore and orthodoxy, and as a result our eating habits are extremely harmful. We commit ourselves twice a year by fasting, and the rest of the time we abuse the quantity and quality of food and alcohol. I read not long ago that in a city in Europe, the mayor announced a program for he althy eating under the title "Meatless Monday" and every Monday of the week, meatless foods are offered and advertised more in cafeterias, restaurants and cafes. This is a great example of he althy politics in action.

What prompted you to protect those who cannot speak - animals and plants

What gives man, the crown of creation, the right to kill smaller and more defenseless creatures just to satisfy his appetite? If there were beings larger and superior than us living on the planet, hunting us down to feed on our flesh, how would everyone feel? With this vast abundance of plant food, man still continues to brutally kill his friends and eat them - it is simply a crime - against nature, against life, against the planet and against the universe. Plants, on the other hand, contain mostly water and minerals, so it is not a problem to eat them.

Why did you decide to become a vegetarian

As a child, I spent my vacations in the countryside and constantly witnessed the cruel killing of all kinds of "domestic" animals for food. Even then I did not like eating meat, but I turned to vegetarianism later. After reading a few books and meeting other vegetarians, I decided that this is one of the most meaningful things a person can do in life - to stop killing other creatures. Because if you put raw meat from calf, chicken, pig and human on one table - surely you won't know which is human?!

How he althy do you feel since you cut meat from your menu he althier or sicker

I haven't eaten meat for two and a half years and I feel wonderful - more cheerful, more alive, happier and more satisfied with life. I rarely get sick from flu and colds and recover very quickly.

Can anyone become a vegetarian because according to some research it is believed that for people of some blood types such as zero it is harmful if they do not consume meat

There are all kinds of studies and research on food. If a person eats a balanced diet - that is, includes in his menu foods with all the necessary minerals, vitamins and amino acids - he has nothing to fear. In addition, there are already many doctors - phytotherapists, nutritionists, homeopaths, etc., with whom he could consult.

There are children who refuse to eat meat, do you think it is safe for them and can their parents rest easy

In world practice, there are families who have not eaten meat for generations, children who have not tasted meat since birth - and they are alive and well. There are also such families in Bulgaria. If the parent offers a he althy and well-balanced menu every day, there is no problem for the child to grow up he althy and happy.

We know that fasting purifies spiritually and physically, so can it be said that vegetarians are more spiritually elevated than meat eaters? And isn't another division born in society

Eating plant food automatically makes people more tolerant, thoughtful, responsive to all issues in society. The vegetarian develops a sense of empathy for his neighbor - because "Love your neighbor" - one of the ten commandments of God, means "Love everyone" - both people and grasses, birds and animals. A vegetarian is also a person with an ecological mindset, because nature, the planet, are also living beings. While the opposite is not always true – there are environmentalists who protect animals, but that does not prevent them from cooking and eating deliciously with them. Unfortunately, society in Bulgaria has a hard time accepting differences. Because of this, vegetarians are still seen as some eccentric group of people who don't eat meat by default. I hope that in the near future this will change and more Bulgarians will understand that eating meat is harmful not only to their he alth, but also to the he alth of the planet, what's more – the meat industry is the main culprit of environmental pollution.

Nowadays, many people struggle with being overweight. Can vegetarianism help in this fight

Vegetarianism has a very good effect on a number of diseases, but I am not a specialist in this field. There are many books published in Bulgarian about vegetarianism, as well as a lot of information about it on the Internet, and whoever wants to can read more. But as a rule, vegetarians are not overweight, unless a person has other serious diseases that provoke weight gain.

What are your initiatives to promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle

Together with a group of friends, we distribute leaflets about the vegetarian diet, we placed ads in the Sofia metro and in some newspapers. An internet site for ecology and vegetarianism is in the works. We are also reporters for an international satellite and internet television that broadcasts only positive programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We send reports about Bulgaria - although it is very difficult to find something positive happening in our country.

How do we know that a food in the store is he althy

If it is vegetarian and contains fewer additives /E-numbers/.

Don't you think the eco topic nowadays is overexposed and many people advocate it just to get benefits

There will always be greedy and unethical businessmen who take advantage of every opportunity. The eco-theme is no exception. But here it is already the job of the media, non-governmental and governmental organizations to properly inform the public and punish those who lie.

Average Bulgarians are too busy with their own survival to think about the problems of global ecology. What do you think can lift their eyes to look beyond their daily problems

“Climate change knows no geographical borders”, as Jean-Michel Cousteau said in an interview. If the Bulgarian thinks that he will pass between the drops and will not be affected by these problems, he is mistaken. In the foreign press, because the Bulgarian media reacts very weakly, in the last few months one can read many alarming articles about the state of the planet, about the melting of the polar ice, which is happening much faster than predicted and will lead to very serious consequences for the whole humanity. PETA launched a petition on its website to include vegetarianism in the list of measures to combat global warming. The time has come for an immediate change in the thinking of Bulgarians if we want the planet to continue to exist and for our children, grandchildren and the people after them to have a place to live and enjoy the beauty of the world.

What is your favorite recipe

Hungarian goulash with mushrooms and potatoes

What is your favorite vacation spot

I love the dog park - the park behind the Hilton hotel, which compared to other "human" parks, is the cleanest! Unfortunately, there are also vandals who break the lamps and benches, but that's a topic for another conversation.

What is your favorite color


Favorite Song

To The Beatles - Let it be

What message would you send to Bulgarian women

Dear Bulgarian women, rejoice that you can give life and love to the earth. Think about and take care of the he alth and happiness of your loved ones by offering them more vegetarian food at home. Pay more attention to your children and educate them in traditional Bulgarian moral values - love, mutual help, understanding. Because the family must correct the damage to the public environment and the street and resist the pressure of the insane moral degradation that the 20th century "imposed" on us and that continues to this day.

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