Important foods for pregnant women high in omega-3

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Important foods for pregnant women high in omega-3
Important foods for pregnant women high in omega-3

For pregnant women, food variety is of great importance. A he althy diet is important for all people, but especially during pregnancy, immediately before it and in the postnatal period, while you are breastfeeding, important nutrients must be very well balanced.

Fatty acids are one of those essential nutrients that every pregnant woman must obtain through food. And here are the foods that are richest in omega-3 fatty acids.


This small s alty fish contains a large amount of he althy fats of about 400 mg of omega-3 in just 5 fish fillets! Also, anchovies are low in mercury, unlike most fish, making them even more suitable for pregnant women!


It is a very rich source of beneficial fatty acids. It's also packed with fiber, vitamin C and E.


Steamed lightly it is wonderful. If you like, you can eat it raw. It contains approximately 210g of omega-3 fatty acids per small plate. This is about 10% of the body's daily need for he althy fats. Cauliflower also contains folic acid, fiber, vitamin C.


This fish is also one of the representatives of the marine world rich in omega-3. It is a very good choice for your varied menu. It is low in fat as well as mercury.


You can easily add one tablespoon of flaxseed to your salad, and you will get another 1,750 mg of useful fatty acids! Unbelievable! These seeds are one of the richest in omega-3. They are often included in dietary supplements enriched with omega-3.

Pumpkin seeds

They are also a source of omega-3 fatty acids. They also add zinc and iron to your body. You can add them to your breakfast or between meals, as well as in salads.


Salmon is, of course, one of the most well-known sources of omega-3. One serving contains an incredible 1700 mg of fatty acids. It is suitable roasted, seasoned with a fresh salad.


They are great in terms of supplying fatty acids to the body. 100 g of walnuts contain approximately 2300 mg of omega-3! This makes them one of the richest sources of he althy fats.

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