Detox 5 Day Diet After the Holidays

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Detox 5 Day Diet After the Holidays
Detox 5 Day Diet After the Holidays

On the holidays, we allow ourselves to eat a variety of heavy food, which not only harms our thin waistline, but also slows down the body with the difficult processing it requires. Returning to a normal rhythm is not at all easy, and therefore the body needs a special detoxification regimen to push it to a he althy eating routine.

Which foods to focus on:

1. Anti-inflammatory foods: fight inflammation caused by sugars, dairy products, alcohol. These are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, spices and he althy fats (avocado, seeds, nuts).

2. Fat, fiber and protein. Do your best to include all three types of nutrients in each meal so that it is balanced and the stomach feels full for a long time.

3. Hydrate yourself. Start each day with a glass of water with ½ lemon squeezed into it. During the day, focus on water, herbal teas and coconut water.

4. Exercise. In order to return to your usual rhythm of life, you must not stop exercising. Training will help you boost your metabolism and detoxify your body.

5. Balanced food. Plan all meals for the day. This will make it easier for you to make sure you eat a balanced diet and don't take in excess calories.

Here is a sample meal plan for 5 days that will detox your body:

Day 1

Start with a glass of filtered water with ½ lemon squeezed in it or a glass of herbal tea.

Breakfast: A glass of fruit or vegetable smoothie of your choice. Add some ginger to it too, which contributes to detoxification.

Morning snack: 1/3 cup hummus mixed with dill, served over a sliced cucumber melt.

Lunch: Salad with kale, figs and hazelnuts. A little tuna can be added to it if desired.

Afternoon snack: 1 cup of cereal of choice (sugar free) with maple syrup and lemon juice. Add some dried fruit and ¼ cup nuts of choice.

Dinner: A small portion of shrimp on a canapé of grated fresh zucchini and a few roasted almonds (without s alt).

Snack: ½ cup of raspberries with 1 square of dark chocolate (can be melted) plus 2 teaspoons of corn flakes. This snack is a perfect way to end the day.

Day 2

To start the day: You can start with a glass of water with lemon juice or make a smoothie with beetroot, chicory and arugula instead of coffee.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with fresh blueberries.

Morning snack: ½ cubed avocado with lemon juice, sea s alt and a few hemp seeds.

Lunch: Dark green cabbage with beans, salsa, mashed avocado, seasoned with a little coriander.

Afternoon snack: Sweet and flavorful oatmeal and dried fruit bar. Choose one without added sugar. It is recommended that it also contains nuts.

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast with red onions with a side of roasted or steamed Brussels sprouts plus mint tea.

Snack: 1 banana with 2 tablespoons of almond butter and cinnamon.

Day 3

To start the day: Start with lemon water or green tea.

Breakfast: 2 hard-boiled eggs, 1 piece of rye bread and almond butter (maybe peanut).

Morning snack: 1 cup of strawberries with some walnuts.

Lunch: Sautéed kale with a handful of quinoa, sweet onion (from the previous dinner), a few pieces of tofu (maybe cheese).

Afternoon snack: 2 cups of popcorn with olive oil. If you don't have the opportunity to have such a breakfast, try oatmeal with fresh fruit and a little honey.

Dinner: A piece of grilled salmon with grilled pineapple and asparagus.

Snack: Almond milk mixed with a spoonful of cocoa, a little stevia and vanilla extract.

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