Speci alties with coffee and European cuisine in MasterChef

Speci alties with coffee and European cuisine in MasterChef
Speci alties with coffee and European cuisine in MasterChef

Tonight at 21:00 on bTV, the box of MasterChef will crush one's hopes with a product that many can't start their day without, but also many don't know how to integrate coffee into their food.

Chef Viktor Angelov, Chef Andre Tokev and Chef Petar Mikhalchev will challenge hobby cooks to prepare an impressive dish with the taste of the invigorating drink in 60 minutes. The imagination of the contenders for the title and the grand prize of BGN 100,000 will have to exceed the limits of what is possible, and their knowledge of the many Latin American recipes that combine chocolate, coffee, hot peppers and oranges - irreplaceable.

Gladiators will be divided in their pursuit of originality and fear of risky moves, some will try completely new recipes, others will bet on intuition and sense. And the demanding jury will be waiting for fresh ideas, shaped like exquisite dishes.

Will the gladiators get overexcited like the goats of the discoverers of coffee beans in Ethiopia, how will the tribute in the form of temptation be obtained, does the heat in the kitchen interfere with the perfect forms and what will be the three best dishes, the viewers they are about to find out.

The winner will have the privilege to choose with products from which part of the world his competitors will cook in the next challenge. Chef Mikhalchev, chef Tokev and Chef Angelov will offer him baskets from Asia with eel, lime, katsubushi, black sesame, rice wine, black rice, ginger and pork, a basket from South America with duck, coffee, chocolate, bananas, mango, beans, peppers, shrimp and corn or a basket from Europe - rooster, cow's cheese, mushrooms, beets, blue cheese, asparagus, scallops "Saint Jacques", apples, polenta and Erborio rice.

In addition, he will have the right to rescue five people, who in turn will be able to take one product from the others' baskets.

Who will be broken, will the gladiators show their claws, who will prepare the best dish and who will defend their place in the most desired cuisine of Bulgaria, the viewers will see tonight.

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