Modern way of preparing winter food

Modern way of preparing winter food
Modern way of preparing winter food

September is one of the months when you can find the largest variety of vegetables in the market. According to an old Bulgarian tradition, vegetables are stored as pickles, which are invariably present on our table in winter.

Here you will find some tips on how to make a pickle without needing to be the best or a long-time master of winter pickles.

Using Dr. Pickle Supplements Oetker – Spicy fix sweet and sour, Spicy fix hot and preservative Dr. Oetker you will save the favorite vegetables:

  • quick – in just 5 minutes with a guarantee of success
  • easy - no sterilization
  • delicious - while preserving the shape and consistency of the vegetables

Pickles made with Pikant fix sweet and sour, Pikant fix hot and preservative Dr. Oetker have a balanced flavor of spices and the vegetables remain crunchy.

The canning products of Dr. Oetker are developed following the tradition of making pickles, the preferred flavors and above all adhering steadfastly to the motto "Quality is the best recipe".

Pickling is often considered a serious culinary skill or a matter of luck in getting the right ratio of ingredients in the brine or marinade to cover the vegetables with. Exact adherence to the preparation instructions on the back of the Dr. product packaging. Oetker is a sufficient guarantee that the pickle will not overheat or spoil even before winter has arrived:

1. All kinds of vegetables can be preserved as a delicious pickle - peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, cauliflower, eggplant, carrots, cabbage, etc. However, the only condition is that they are fresh and he althy, because even if they have been left overnight there is a danger that they will lose some of their aroma, firmness and taste. Thus washed, cleaned, whole or chopped vegetables are arranged in pre-washed and dried jars.

2. Mix the contents of a Pikant fix packet with 1.75 l of water, 0.3 l of vinegar (must be 6% or 9%) and 150 g of sugar. Put the resulting marinade on the fire and let it boil for 3-5 minutes, stirring constantly. After the mixture boils, additional vinegar and sugar can be added according to the taste - more sour or sweeter.

3. The prepared vegetables are poured with the resulting hot marinade, the jars are shaken well and the marinade is topped up if necessary. If desired, the aroma can be enhanced by adding, depending on the vegetables, sprigs of dill, celery, bay leaf, parsley, etc. Then immediately close the jars.

The prepared winter food should be stored in a cool (15°) and protected from light place.

One package of Picant Fix yields about 2.3 liters of mixture, which is enough for 6-7 standard jars.

Dr. Preservative Oetker is the little helper in making winter clothes. It will protect canned vegetables from fermentation or the appearance of mold. It is suitable for preparing juices, salsas and sauces. Just add it to the hot mixture (juice, marinade, sauce, etc.).

Even if you are not a long-time cook, the quality products of Dr. Oetker and time-tested recipes, suggestions and ideas will give you the opportunity to charm your loved ones with a superb pickle in the winter evenings.

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