What we should not do before and after eating

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What we should not do before and after eating
What we should not do before and after eating

Eating crack, a hearty dinner or following a he althy diet. Everyone has their own regimen and lifestyle that they lead. However, we often overlook some basic rules for good digestion. It turns out that some of our habits can harm us. Here's what not to do before and after eating.

Drink warm water

About 30 minutes before eating, drink a glass of lukewarm water or tea. This will aid digestion but also keep you fuller, which will reduce the risk of overeating. If you haven't had a glass of water before eating, then wait about 30 minutes and then you can make yourself aromatic tea or lukewarm water. In this way, the body absorbs nutrients better.

Don't go to sleep

After a hearty lunch or dinner, many people are tempted to lie down to sleep. This slows down the digestion process. It can also cause heartburn. Wait at least 2 hours before going to bed. During this time you can take a nice walk.

Take a short walk

After dinner and before going to bed, wait 30 minutes and then go for a walk. It only takes 20 minutes to aid digestion. Walking is a great exercise that moves the whole body. In addition, fresh air will also make your sleep more complete.

Avoid heavy physical exertion

Walking is the ideal exercise after a meal, yet some people decide to exercise intensely.

Cardio training significantly increases body temperature. If this is done after dinner, the synthesis of melatonin - the hormone that regulates the sleep and wake cycle - is also reduced. In addition, your body will be doubly stressed. He needs energy to digest food, but also for sports.

The end result is more fatigue, ineffective training and unhe althy sleep.

Do not light a cigarette

Most smokers say that the pleasure of a cigarette is greatest after a meal. Unfortunately, this can increase the risk of heartburn. In addition, smoking worsens symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome as well as colitis. It also has a bad effect on the colon muscles.

Don't take a shower

Taking a shower or bath after eating can disrupt the digestion process. Digestion requires a lot of energy and good blood flow to the stomach. When you take a bath or shower immediately after eating dinner, this blood flow is disrupted.

Avoid fruits

Fruits are a he althy addition to your daily menu. But their consumption immediately after eating is harmful, since in most cases they ferment.

The whole process of digestion and assimilation of the important nutritional elements is disturbed and it is possible to get stomachache and bloating. Better to consume them 30 minutes before or about an hour or two after a meal.

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