Lunar diet for February 2019

Lunar diet for February 2019
Lunar diet for February 2019

With the arrival of the new month, we look at the calendar again. It's time to write down the moon phases for the lunar diet. Madonna and Demi Moore are among the Hollywood stars who have trusted this weight-loss regimen.

Following the lunar diet is quite simple. During each phase, within 24 hours, only liquids are consumed - water, fresh juices, herbal teas. Some people very easily tolerate these unloading hours, managing to get rid of excess fluids in the body, and the diet turns out to be the beginning of a he althier diet for them. Others may feel sick as they are not used to this fasting pattern.

How to modify the diet so that you can follow it and feel energetic? Add to your menu a bowl of fresh fruit, tomato, cucumber or prepare a vegetable broth, but without flavoring it with spices. After completing the unloading phase, it is very important to feed your body.

Continue the regimen with fluid intake, fresh fruits and vegetables, ½ boiled potato. The next day, add to your menu ½ bucket of natural yogurt, again a boiled potato, fruits and vegetables. Thus, the consumption of proteins and whole grains is gradually resumed.

The lunar diet can be your start to a he althy diet, from which you can exclude pasta snacks, packaged foods, sweets. Write down the phases of the moon for February and be in good shape and he alth.

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