Lunar diet for January 2019

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Lunar diet for January 2019
Lunar diet for January 2019

Christmas and New Year's holidays have passed, but in January there are also holidays that will invite us to sit down at the festive table again. After so much food and rest, our body needs a detox and reboot. That's why the lunar diet is appropriate. Check out some guidelines on what you can eat during the phases of the moon and don't forget to write down the dates of the diet.

During the full moon

This is the best time to start the lunar plan because in this phase of the moon you will lose weight the fastest and naturally. The consumption of solid food is prohibited. Drink more water and detox teas to maximize the cleansing effect. Suitable teas are green tea, dandelion tea, sage tea.

In the days of waxing and waning Moon

This is a period of detoxification and elimination of excess fluids from the body, and it will be easier for you to maintain your weight.

You have several options for eating during these lunar phases: Consume only seasonal and fresh fruits, such as apples, oranges, kiwis, grapefruit, pears. You can eat a total of 5 fruits for the day, and you decide how to distribute them.

Your other menu option is to have salads – one for lunch and one for dinner. Season them with olive oil only.

Third option – pumpkin or mashed potatoes, without added spices, butter and milk and 1-2 buckets of milk.

Last but not least, you can also make vegetable broth without s alt with seasonal vegetables.

During the new moon

The new moon is the phase during which the greatest detoxification of the body occurs. Take advantage of it to continue to lose weight and detoxify the body. Both during the full moon and the new moon you should avoid consuming solid foods. Drink water, teas and soft drinks.

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