How he althy are protein pancakes really?

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How he althy are protein pancakes really?
How he althy are protein pancakes really?

Pancakes are one of the most favorite snacks of many people. However, they are not a particularly he althy choice because of the white flour in them, as well as the sugary additives we add to them. These ingredients increase the risk of insulin resistance, high blood sugar, weight gain, and many other unhe althy effects of consuming this otherwise incredibly delicious snack.

This is why many people are looking for a he althy and useful alternative to this breakfast. Making protein pancakes is a popular way to enjoy your favorite breakfast guilt-free. But is this really so?

According to he, protein pancakes do not contain refined flour, which is good for the prevention of obesity and insulin resistance. They contain an average of 10 grams of protein per pancake, compared to 2.4 grams of protein for a standard white flour pancake.

The extra amount of protein can come from a variety of sources, eg powdered eggs, flaxseed, oats. This is definitely a plus in favor of protein pancakes. However, this added protein doesn't make protein pancakes a he althy choice on their own. It all depends on the filling you choose for them. If you do flavor them with jam, syrup, lots of chocolate and fruit, it won't help you in a he althy sense. What's the use of eating them then?

How to make protein pancakes more he althy?

To make your protein pancakes a truly he althy choice, select the appropriate substitutes for the sugars you want to avoid.

A he althy protein pancake recipe can include egg whites, bananas, whey protein. Do not add sugar syrups and jams to them to sweeten them. You can also use oats instead of the standard refined flour. Choose a chocolate protein from which comes the pleasant taste that will satisfy you. You can add more peanut butter, egg whites, almonds.

Compared to standard servings of pancakes, this option will reduce your carbohydrate intake by up to 67% and keep you fuller for longer, says he

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