Pickling for brandy or from nemotia

Pickling for brandy or from nemotia
Pickling for brandy or from nemotia

September is pickle season – even the Sofia balconies smell of roasted peppers. Soon we will add the sauerkraut. Then all winter until late spring we will eat winter food.

Bulgarians traditionally like to drink their brandy with a pickle. Years ago, jars were closed out of reluctance. Now times have changed - because of the laziness, we make less and less pickles. Because everything is expensive - the water for irrigation, the vegetables and fruits from the market… Although the winter harvest is also екопривкус because it is homemade, pure production, with sweet country products. (See video "Rich people order homemade winter clothes)

Not to mention the attacks of nutritionists who constantly warn us not to eat a lot of sugar, vinegar and s alt in winter.

Thus, between a rock and a hard place, the Bulgarian miracle of winter survival is about to disappear as an expensive national treasure Next, we have to rebuild our basements and winter houses. Because what are we going to put on the orphaned empty shelves? And it's probably not a bad idea to open temporary points for buying glass jars, because if all people decide to throw glassware into the bins at once, they will overflow.

Finally, another appetizer must be invented for the brandy. Ha cheers while we still have the occasional jar of mom's carrot and garlic stuffed kambi! When they run out, we will buy pickles imported from China.

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