Natto – a strange Japanese food with many qualities

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Natto – a strange Japanese food with many qualities
Natto – a strange Japanese food with many qualities

Natto is a type of specific traditional Japanese food that is prepared from fermented soybeans in a special sourdough. Its he alth benefits are many. At first glance, it looks like a chickpea, but it has nothing to do with it.

Natto is usually served on a canapé of boiled rice. Like most fermented foods, natto has strong prebiotic properties and is very beneficial. What does it help?

Incredibly good for digestion

Thanks to the beneficial live bacteria in natto, the work of the intestines and stomach is made many times easier. Beneficial bacteria are involved in digestion and improve cellular metabolism.


Immunity increases

bacteria contribute not only to the good functioning of the intestines, but also to the immune system, which is directly related to this specific balance.

Enzymes and vitamins in natto increase the body's defense mechanisms and protect against various infections and diseases.

Gluten free

Those suffering from gluten intolerance would be happy to know that natto is gluten free. This makes it a great substitute for traditional legumes that contain gluten.

Natto is also useful for those suffering from celiac disease, a serious disease that prevents the processing of gluten in the body and is characterized by terrible manifestations of intolerance to this protein.

Natto contributes to the easier digestion of gluten, as well as reducing the symptoms of celiac disease.

Improves bone density

the musculoskeletal system. Its decrease leads to osteoporosis. Regular consumption of natto improves bone density and prevents the development of the dangerous disease.


Increases average life expectancy

According to studies, the presence of the enzyme nattokinase in natto, as well as its richness in vitamin K2, contribute to an increase in average life expectancy, reducing the incidence of infectious chronic diseases.

Improves the function of the cardiovascular system

Thanks again to the above-mentioned nattokinase enzyme, the blood clots normally and the formation of clots and thrombi, potentially leading to blockage of central vessels, is prevented.

The taste and texture of natto may not appeal to most people because it is specific and unusual for our European tastes. Natto has a sticky appearance and some even describe it as unpleasant. This food has a sharp taste with a fermented note. But from experience the head does not hurt!

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