Bread goes up in price first by 5%, then by more

Bread goes up in price first by 5%, then by more
Bread goes up in price first by 5%, then by more

This is the news of the year. Already in the first days of 2011, we were hit with the bread price increase – first by 5%, and in the following months by more. Others indicate a price increase of 10, 15, 17%, and each producer will choose by himself how much to increase the price.

For now, we calculate that if on average 1 kg of bread costs BGN 1 and increases in price by 5%, it will cost BGN 1.05 At the moment, the price of mass bread in Sofia is 65-70 cents for 700. More expensive are the so-called dietary breads - rye, rye-wheat, German rye, bread with gluten-free flours, bread with fiber. They are about 85 cents in 400 years

The reasons - first they say it's because of the shutdown of natural gas and the search for alternative sources. Due to gas supply being stopped in several large cities of the country. As the second reason, they point out the depletion of Bulgarian grain and the need to buy imported grain.

"We cannot predict by how much the price of bread will be increased, because grain is a stock market product that is influenced by the world and European stock exchanges, and at the moment its price is constantly changing," said the chairman of the branch chamber of industrial bread producers Nikolay Taparov

Immediately, the Minister of Agriculture and Food Miroslav Naydenov said that there is no reason for the increase in the price of bread.

After that, I don't know who to trust anymore.

For many Bulgarians bread is a staple food In parallel with bread, pasta snacks and the prices of cakes and pastries will increase in price. Perhaps this will not matter to people with medium and high incomes, but it will certainly hit the pockets of the socially weak and pensioners, who carefully arrange every leva from their monthly budget. The sentence about bread and pasta somehow comes by itself.

Well, there are also optimists who say that when the elections come, bread will become cheaper.

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