Lunar Diet – December 2011

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Lunar Diet – December 2011
Lunar Diet – December 2011

December month is available. Time for stocktaking and for new promises. Whoever wrote down in a notebook what he had to do for 2011, now is the time to check off, including checking the centimeters in the waist and the kilograms. There was a time when I was a few months old doing this trick with a centimeter in my hand, but now I just remind others. Well, now I have to remind you again which are the days on which the lunar diet is observed:

Moon phases for December 2011 are

December 2, 2011, 11:53 am - first quarter

10 December 2011, 16:38 - full moon

18 December 2011, 02:49 - last quarter

24 December 2011, 20:06 - new moon

But I would add – December is a month for celebration, for joy and parties. Enough diets! Whoever fasts - fasts! Whoever gets fit for the New Year gets fit, but at least one month a year we can rest from diets

And of course – December is the most suitable month for this. When else are there so many name days, holidays and gatherings.

However, let's not overeat on the holidays - it also requires a lot of effort. According to an old Bulgarian tradition, we fill the tables at Christmas and New Year, and then think about it. Well, if we are more economical and more reasonable, we may both not gain weight during the holidays and have a budget left over for the next month as well.

So let's loosen our belts, eat the delicious food, dance more, laugh more and we won't have weight problems in December. These are my recommendations, and still we can indulge in the rules of the Lunar Diet from time to time.

I wish you a month of December filled with light, hope and many gifts.

Celebrate and have fun! Think of others and give away!

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