Tolik's sandwiches

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Tolik's sandwiches
Tolik's sandwiches

For the first time, a unique culinary book of its kind is published in our country - "Tolik's sandwiches" In it you will find 50 different recipes for the most delicious sandwiches you have ever had tried. Each recipe is clearly and thoroughly described - it includes a set of products and a method of preparation. But most importantly, each recipe is accompanied by a picture of the sandwich, which will make you not only lick your lips sweetly, but also roll up your sleeves and quickly make them yourself.

About the author:

Anatoly Popov-Tolik is a journalist and culinary blogger. His name became popular with the music show "The Zone" on Center Group TV. He worked for the magazines "High Club", "Story", "Blyasak", "Everything for Women" and "Recipes for He alth". There are articles published in the newspapers "TV Saga" and "Yellow Labor", as well as in the online edition of the magazine "Ideal Home". He was the screenwriter of the first edition of the show "Big Mouth" on Nova TV. He is one of the few journalists who managed to touch such names as Kylie Minogue, Marilyn Manson, DJ Tiesto, Lourdes Ciccone (Madonna's daughter) and others. Since October 2012, he has been actively involved in the culinary blog Kitchen of Tolik

“I created Kitchen of Tolik to have fun. Thanks to those who support me and always press the like button. Thanks also to those of you who are yet to do so and share Kitchen of Tolik with your friends. Please be lenient if something goes awry at a feast. I am not a professional chef and have neither completed a culinary school nor a culinary course. I'm not good at food photography either. Cooking is my hobby, but I have managed to feed quite a few daredevils close to my heart. I am sure that together with you we will learn many more culinary tricks and recipes.”

Volume: 112 pages

Publisher: Trud

ISBN 978-954-398-351-3

Cover price BGN 12.99

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