Fast food - 9 practical tips on how to make it useful for he alth

Fast food - 9 practical tips on how to make it useful for he alth
Fast food - 9 practical tips on how to make it useful for he alth

Pizza, French fries, sandwiches – the so-called fast food is so criticized as harmful to our he alth. Nutritionists reassure us that if we choose and eat them correctly, they turn out to be quite normal and even useful food. Our problem is that we know a lot about he althy eating, but not enough will and discipline to follow the rules. Here are some simple tips:

1. Quickly cooked, slowly eaten

Aim to spend at least 15-20 minutes on your lunch. Chew slowly, enjoy every bite.

2. Instead of a large one, order a small portion

Settle for a small/kids portion.

3. Alternate fast food every day

Find variety in fast food as well - different recipes and fillings. Fresh salad is also fast food - it is prepared quickly and has a lot of vitamins.

4. No greasy sauces

Give up mayonnaise, replace it with ketchup, milk sauce and mustard.

5. The drink is important

Replace the sweet drink with milk or mineral water. Clear drinks have fewer calories than thick ones.

6. Fast food only once a day

If you ate fast food for lunch, make soup for dinner.

7. Quiet environment

Noisy environment with loud music has been proven to make us eat more and take in more calories. On the contrary – in a quiet environment and with a calm musical background, we eat slowly and fill up with smaller portions.

8. The he althiest fast food is homemade

There are no more delicious and he althy dishes than pizza and spaghetti with whole grain flour instead of couscous - buckwheat with stewed vegetables, baked potatoes, steamed rice, etc. When you have the opportunity, prepare a homemade sandwich for your lunch break, pie, vegetable tutmanik, etc.

9. Apple and banana as substitute

Apple and banana can also play the role of fast food, and a he althy one at that.

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