Find a job for students during the summer vacation

Find a job for students during the summer vacation
Find a job for students during the summer vacation

Lazy or work for kids during summer vacation

Summer for students is a time of well-deserved rest and laziness to the end! All year long they have been bending their backs under heavy bags, learning difficult lessons - now is the time to relax and gather strength for the new school year.

Summer is also the perfect time for "Fun Summer Reading", sports, art, hobby, self-education or work. Parents are the strongest factor that shapes children's attitude to life and work.

Here are some useful tips for parents on what to do with their children during the summer:

1. Identify 2-3 household chores for them to do every day: washing dishes, taking out the trash, shopping, cleaning.

2. Care for a younger sibling or pet.


4. Sports and art

Walking, cycling, rollerblading, fitness, football and dancing - the possibilities are many.

5. Drawing and Music

Look for summer drawing classes or find a close friend/neighbor to introduce your child to the world of piano or guitar. Even if you have no professional ambitions, art ennobles and educates.

6. First cooking lessons

From the age of 6, start teaching the child basic cooking lessons - how to make a vegetable and fruit salad, an omelette, pickles, a fruit shake.


Involve them in preparing winter food - compotes, jam and pickles.

8. Gardening Help

If the child is in the village with grandparents, summer is the perfect time for extracurricular learning about flora and fauna.

9. Part time job

Older students find themselves part-time jobs. Although they often complain of rude behavior by the employer and low pay, handing out flyers or selling ice cream is a job that disciplines and gathers work and social experience.

10. Volunteering

You can find volunteer work for teenagers through the municipality or acquaintances.

There is a month and a half until the start of the school year - don't let your children waste it just in inactivity, so that you don't wonder later why your child is having such a difficult puberty, and you just plain spoiled him.

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