Foods not to cook in a cast iron pan

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Foods not to cook in a cast iron pan
Foods not to cook in a cast iron pan

The cast iron pan is considered one of the most useful options among pans. It is a favorite of many housewives because it can be used for frying and baking at the same time. There is no non-stick coating that poses a risk of releasing carcinogenic compounds, and it is also easy to clean.

A cast iron skillet is great for cooking some dishes and baked goods, like cornbread, because you can start the dish or baked item on the stove and then pop it into the oven as it is in the pan.

However, there are some foods that you should not cook in your cast iron pan, no matter how much you love it. Who are they and why?

Tomato Sauce

Acidic foods such as tomatoes can damage the flavor and aroma qualities of the spices in the pan. The acids provoke the release of a metallic taste that saturates the sauce. So instead of making your sauces in a cast iron pan, use a stainless steel one.

Meat with wine

It is not a good idea to cook meats soaked in wine, vinegar or soy sauce marinade because the acids in them will give the meat a metallic taste again.


In theory, desserts come out great from the cast iron pan. It gives a perfect edge to the dessert, and you can put it directly in the oven from the stove. But you should keep in mind that if you have prepared spicy foods before, they will saturate the taste of your dessert and rather spoil it. The miniature roughnesses in the surface of the cast iron pans retain flavors and smells.


The omelet requires skill in flipping it so as not to damage its integrity. The surface of the pan should be perfectly smooth to facilitate turning and not to cause sticking. The cast iron pan is not suitable in this case.

Delicate fish

Like eggs, fish meat is delicate and sticks easily. It is fragile and when burnt on the surface of the pan it breaks and falls apart. It happens even more if the fish is flavored with spices that stick to the bottom of the pan. Salmon, cod, flounder, trout are among the most unsuitable fish for cooking in a cast iron pan.

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