Rosemary solves so many problems

Rosemary solves so many problems
Rosemary solves so many problems

Rosemary is among the traditional spices in Bulgarian cuisine. Fragrant and exquisite, it is also widely used in Mediterranean cuisine. What are its healing properties and how it strengthens the immune system you will find out in the following lines.

Rosemary is used in traditional Chinese medicine to calm muscle pain, improve the circulatory system and memory. Research shows that rosemary it even has anticancer properties.

This wonderful herb is used not only as a spice, but also as an ingredient in various perfumes, giving them a grassy and woody aroma and charm.

Dried Rosemary is more concentrated and can be used as an additive to various oils including cow as well as liquid oils – olive oil, oil and others.

To season your olive oil with the aroma of rosemary, and to enrich it with its he althy properties,just put a few sprigs inside and close tightly. Let it sit for several weeks in a dark and airy place.


This wonderful mixture is extremely suitable as a marinade for chicken and lamb and is also very rich in iron, calcium and vitamin B6.

Results of numerous studies show that regular consumption of rosemary greatly improves the appearance and he alth of hair and skin This is because it has a satisfactory number of antioxidants that are anti-aging. In addition, we know that antioxidants also fight against malignant processes in the cell, respectively rosemary is very good against cancer

In particular, researchers have found that this wonderful herb is useful against prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer.

The leaves of rosemary also improve memory You can also consume them in the form of decoction of dried leaves. Even if you don't drink rosemary tea, you can benefit from its healing properties through aromatherapy The compounds released by the vapor stimulate cells in the brain, responsible for memory and improve its capabilities.

Rosemary is also an antibacterial that purifies the blood and suppresses the growth ofpathogenic microorganisms without destroying the beneficial bacteria in the body.

If used locally, rosemary is also a great remedy for dandruff,skin irritations and rashes. It is also useful against hair loss Use a few spoons of rosemary essential oil to massage the scalp and you will be convinced of its abilities. Leave it on for an hour and rinse.

Applied directly to the affected areas, rosemary is effective even in more severe skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis Topical application of rosemary helps and arthritis and relieves joint pain, cramps in menstrual cycle and bad digestion

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