Makeup tricks not to use

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Makeup tricks not to use
Makeup tricks not to use

Every year fashion and makeup trends change. Trends that were previously considered out of fashion become relevant and vice versa. One thing is for sure – there are some makeup tricks you should stop using. They are bad for your beauty and don't help you keep up with fashion.

Too Smokey Eyes

Whether you see this trend on catwalks and catwalks, you shouldn't apply it to your makeup. Too smoky make-up gives weight, tiredness, age to your appearance. Such makeup can even make you look aggressive and repulsive to others.

Getting out of the lip contour

In order to optically enlarge their lips, some women deliberately go beyond the contour of their lips. Don't follow this fashion trick because you risk your lips looking like they are stained with lutenica, for example.

False eyelashes

The artificial always shows. Even the best applied lashes don't look like they're yours. Many women put on eyelashes, but the effect is not particularly positive. Rely on your natural abilities. This is always the better strategy.

Too thin or too thick eyebrows

Neither extreme is recommended. In the past, thin eyebrows were trendy. Today, the naturalness of the eyebrows is in fashion. However, some women make the mistake of overexposing this naturalness and making their eyebrows too thick. Stick to the golden mean.

Fake Tan

Fake tan has many risks of making you look ridiculous. It doesn't sit evenly on the skin, which gives away its fakeness.

Vamp Makeup

Some women look at the covers of fashion magazines and see their favorite celebrities wearing so-called "vamp" makeup. However, they are on the red carpet and you are not. "Vamp" makeup creates a feeling of cheapness and vulgarity.

Use some totally winning makeup tricks instead:

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